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Get the winery experience at home anytime with Sip Kits by Traveling Vineyard. Simply order your Sip Kit with up to 5 bottles, and we’ll ship it right to your door—complete with access to a virtual tour of each wine hosted by Director of Sommology Leslie Sbrocco. It’s wine night done right!

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What you’ll love about Sip Kits

Learn the four steps of wine tasting: see, smell, swirl, and sip!
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Discover the unique features of each of your wines from any mobile device with our guided online wine tasting tools.
Find out which foods pair best with your Sip Kit and tap into even more recipes with Traveling Vineyard’s online Sommology tools.

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Your adventure starts with a sip!


What’s your sippin’ style? Do you love reds from around the world, or are you more of a crisp, white wines kind of sipper? Maybe you like a little of both. Great news. We have a kit for every taste and style. Explore our kits and shop your favorites now!

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