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Decades of experience in every bottle

When you go to a typical winery vineyard, you may look out over their fields and smile, knowing those grapes are in your glass. It’s pretty and romantic – but a bad year may mean no wine at all. Instead of being the typical winery (we’re not good at being put in a box), Traveling Vineyard decided to invent our own way. What that means is we capitalize on every opportunity by putting to work our wine experts’ decades of experience to bring you wine from every corner of the world.

Quality and Opportunity: The Traveling Vineyard Way

We only source the best

For us, it’s all about opportunity. We are not farmers or growers but opportunistic acquirers of wine from all over the globe. Our team of wine experts has spent decades sipping and growing their network so they can bring back the wines that pretty much knock your socks off every time.

What makes our wines so great?


Because we aren’t tied to one plot of land, we have the opportunity to experience wine all over the globe—and (more importantly) bring it to you.


Some people get nerdy about numbers. We’re into grapes. And our team, our wine experts, our leaders have been into all things wine – the regions, the flavors, the varietals – for a long time, more than 25 years.


Any job well done requires a true passion for what you do. Thankfully, wine is our passion. We travel the globe to make sure the best grapes land in your glass.

Global wines that come to your door

Step 1

So how do all those delicious grapes end up right where we need them? It starts with a really great team. We send them out into the field – by which we mean all the fields the world has to offer, not just a single, literal vineyard – and they taste and test, weigh and plot.

Step 2

Our team of wine experts then brings back the best product to send to our production facilities. We have two in California wine country and one in New York. From there, our Wine Director, Francis, meticulously blends and perfects the wine.

Step 3

And finally, we cork it and send it off for our free-in-home wine tastings and, ultimately, purchasing.

The team that brings you these wines

The man with purple feet

Meet Francis

Francis Sanders is not just any Wine Director. He is a man that can pull off Chuck Taylors while he tells the exact location, grape varietal and year of a wine with just a few sips. It’s true. In fact, he was challenged to identify 16 wines in a blind tasting in Italy and won. He’s a grape stomping machine with a heart for brilliant wines—which is exactly what you want in a Wine Director.

Start Pairing Your Wines

Fun fact about Francis

In addition to gifting Traveling Vineyard with his knowledge and passion for wine, Francis is a gifted comic writer and illustrator – quite the Renaissance man.

Meet Huib

Huib Geerlings is the other critical component to the making of our wines. He’s traveled all the wine regions on earth, tasted every varietal known to man. (Except ice wine – he’s got to save some treat for a special occasion.) We’ve actually considered insuring his palate which has been so invaluable to the selection and sourcing of wine for Traveling Vineyard. But how can we put a price on something that has helped our wines achieve an enviable degree of medal-winning prowess?

Meet more of our team

Fun fact about Huib

Huib is a man of hidden facets and surprising experiences. Before he became the business and wine genius he is today, the world traveler and taster also served his native country for three years in the Dutch army.

  • We ensure that we use the finest materials – the grapes, the juice, the growers’ raw wine – to create a product we can be proud of: award-winning wine that is uniquely Traveling Vineyard.

    Francis Sanders

    Wine Director
  • When I joined this team, we had a vision to do wine differently. And that’s really what we’re doing. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than finding a unique and unusual wine and showing people how to enjoy it outside of the inaccessible environment of traditional wine culture.

    Huib Geerlings

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