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Our wine story

Grown globally, delivered locally

Debbie Allen Traveling Vineyard

Our expert winemakers have decades of experience in the wine world. Together, we travel the world to taste wine, visit vineyards in person, and meet one-on-one with growers. We ask all the right questions and bottle only the best grapes. Our goal is to discover impressive wines that are both unique and familiar so that our wine lovers can always find a favorite while also discovering something new. We never settle for less than stellar wines, and we have the high ratings to show for it. What’s really exciting is that our discovery process allows us to smart-source amazing wines from our growers so our wine lovers get high-quality wine without the snooty price. 

What makes our wines so great?


Because we aren’t tied to one plot of land, we have the opportunity to experience wine from all over the globe—and (more importantly) bring it to you.


Some people get nerdy about numbers. We’re into grapes. And our team, our wine experts, our leaders have been into all things wine – the regions, the flavors, the varietals – for a long time, more than 25 years.


Any job well done requires a true passion for what you do. Thankfully, wine is our passion. We travel the globe to make sure the best grapes land in your glass.


How we select our wines

Award-winning wines

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Our “try before you buy” wine tastings are the ultimate decider when it comes to choosing the best Traveling Vineyard wine for you, but our awards give you the confidence that Traveling Vineyard produces high-quality wines that are more than just a matter of taste! We regularly submit our wines for review in competitions like World Wine Championships, Finger Lakes Wine Competition, and San Francisco International Wine Competition, where they earn Gold, Silver and Bronze ratings. With all this bling, you can be sure that what’s in the bottle belongs on the top shelf.

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