Annual Harvest

The awesome annual, rock-my-business long weekend

Every great vineyard has a harvest — a time to bring in the bounty of the year’s hard work and celebrate. Our Annual Harvest is kinda like that … only way more fun.

Every year we gather up our ever-growing group of rockstar Wine Guides and put together a list of the don’t-miss trainings and awesomeness – everything you need to excel in a wine sales job. We’ve hosted Master Sommeliers for wine education, celebrated speakers on selling without selling and building your team, and our very own Wine Guides to share the wealth of their experience.

The whole event is about giving you a chance to brush up on your skills and your dance moves. (It has thoroughly earned the nickname “Wine Camp”.)

Bring a notebook

By day, you’re treated to gifted and experienced speakers like the United States’ first master sommelier and elite industry specific business leaders. We have barrel tastings and training sessions. We learn a whole lot and go home inspired.

Bring your finery

But it’s not all classroom time. By night, we break out the dancing shoes for the fun and the shiny, shiny awards in recognition of all your hard work. We go all out. Nothing’s too fancy for our Wine Guides.

Grow your grapevine

While it’s a great chance to learn and to network, our Annual Harvest isn’t just about the business side of your wine sales job. It’s also a great chance to meet new friends. (Friendship is one of our five Fs, after all.)

We actually mean it when we say you’ll make lifelong friends in our business. Harvest is an ideal place to meet other people who share your interests and experiences. Every year (and every incentive trip) gives you a chance to reunite and strengthen your relationships.

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