What is Sommology?

Sommology is Food & Wine Getting Clever Together

Some years ago, after we launched our world-changing, in-home tasting idea, we had a new one: what if we made it a lot easier for people to pair food and wine? That’s when Sommology was born. It takes the geeky, cool part of molecular food and wine pairings and translates them into simple bits that everyone can understand.

At a tasting or from home - you decide how to pair
Two ways to experience Sommology

There are two ways to experience Sommology – in person or mobile. The in-person experience, provided by our Wine Guides for Guests at a tasting event, offers a huge depth of knowledge developed by the first Master Sommelier in the United States and managed under the direction of Traveling Vineyard’s Director of Sommology, Missa Capozzo. The at-home experience, available 24/7 from your mobile device, allows you to independently play around with the science of pairing food and wine on your own.

The Tasting Experience

During each tasting, our Wine Guides walk Guests through the science behind food and wine pairing. It’s honestly pretty cool. The Wine Guides use small bites and all kinds of goodies from our Sommology deck to play games and share the secrets of pairing food and wine.

Pair on your own with

Once you’ve got your hands on some of Traveling Vineyard’s exclusive wines, you can try out Sommology on your own. That’s where the cool little QR code on each bottle comes in.

Pair on your own with

Enter the QR code unique to each wine and find yourself with a whole smorgasbord of suggested pairings, complete with recipes to bring out the best in your bottle.

Discover new recipes and ideas for pairing food and wine.
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A master in our midst

To give our program the street cred it deserved, we reached out to someone who knew his stuff cold. Mr. Eddie Osterland is the first Master Sommelier in the U.S. and a man who knows a thing or two about entertaining. The man is a genius, and his work on the system made it smart, easy to use, and consistent with the emphasis on the simple, universal enjoyment of good wine that underlies the Traveling Vineyard brand. He even came to roll it out and got a standing ovation from the room.

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