Science behind sommology


We love helping you bring out the flavors and complexities in wine by showing you how to perfectly pair wine and food. Our method is called Sommology.

Simple, accessible, & fun

We believe food and wine are meant to be enjoyed together. In fact, that’s exactly what inspired us to include food and wine pairing as part of our in-home wine tastings. The concept became so popular among our customers that we developed our own proprietary food and wine methodology in 2013 called Sommology.

We worked with the country’s first Master Sommelier, Eddie Osterland, to develop a simple science behind food and wine pairing based on the unique characteristics of the wine and the food, and how those characteristics work together to create the perfect balance on your palate. Today, Sommology continues to evolve under the expert guidance of Director of Sommology Leslie Sbrocco.

Piiza and Wine Pairing

Pair food & wine from anywhere, anytime

There are two ways to experience Sommology – in person at a tasting, and on your  mobile device from anywhere. The in-person experience, provided by a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide at your in-home tasting event, offers the ultimate wine education. Our trained wine consultants will show you the four steps of wine tasting, and then teach you how to apply that knowledge to food and wine using Sommology.

The mobile experience allows you to access Sommology from any device and match your Traveling Vineyard wine with the perfect recipe—from small plates and entrees to takeout favorites and desserts. Scan the QR code on the back of your bottle of wine, or get started now with our Sommology pairing tool that lets you search by wine or search by food!


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Meet Our Director of Sommology


An award-winning author, speaker, wine consultant, and television host, Leslie Sbrocco is known for her entertaining approach to wine. Sbrocco’s first book, Wine for Women: A Guide to Buying, Pairing and Sharing Wine has been excerpted by two national magazines, Redbook and Family Circle, and has won the coveted Georges Duboeuf Best Wine Book of the Year award. She is an Emmy Award-winning host of the PBS show, Check Please, Bay Area! on KQED television, which just completed its 14thseason. Sbrocco is a frequent guest on national television shows, including NBC’s Today Show. Her new PBS national show, 100 Days…Drinks. Dishes. Destinations, will launch in October 2019. An in-demand speaker at wine and food events around the globe, Sbrocco is also a noted wine judge at national and international competitions. For more information on Leslie, visit