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We Keep It real

At Traveling Vineyard, we make our wines simply and with love. From ground to glass, our wines are transparently produced and crafted with pure, natural ingredients and minimal intervention—because like you, we believe that what’s good for our bodies and good for our planet really, truly matters.

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Natural ingredients and minimal interventions

Feel good about what goes into your glass every single time. We strive to work with growers and wineries that use responsible and sustainable farming practices resulting in delicious grapes. Our wines are made with natural ingredients, free of unwanted additives and minimal interventions during the winemaking process. Every wine goes through multiple rounds of independent lab testing, adhering to the high standards of the wine industry—and then one step further to assure a high-quality product made with the utmost care and precision, resulting in simply, real wine.


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We’ve bundled up an outstanding trio of award-winning wines made with all natural ingredients and sourced from sustainable vineyards. Our outstanding Gold Medal Giovina Montepulciano is made with organic, biodynamic grapes and is certified vegan. Our Silver Medal Zapatazo Torrontes is sustainably farmed—crisp, refreshing, and perfect for summer. Our Silver Medal Santoreggia Sangiovese shines when paired with all things Italian, and comes from a respected grower in the sunshine region of Puglia, Italy.

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Our Commitment To You

Our winemaking philosophy aims to protect the environment, support social responsibility, and encourage employee health and happiness. With these goals in mind, sustainability is all about keeping an eye on the future while making quality wines to enjoy today.  That’s why we’ve invested in our own facility, where we call all of the shots. This will allow us to manage a responsibly conscious production with state-of-the-art equipment, allowing for minimal waste, use of all natural cleaning products, eco-friendly shipping practices, and so much more. We believe what is best for the wine and what’s best for the environment is a real, honest win.

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