Wine Saver - a wine vacuum pump
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Wine Saver

Never let a drop go to waste! Keep your wine fresh with our Wine Saver. This clever wine vacuum pump with two reusable rubber stoppers extracts the air, forms a tight seal and slows the oxidation process to protect wine in previously opened bottles. Simply place the reusable stopper on the bottle, apply the vacuum and extract the air.

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Nancy M Rodriguez
June 29, 2020
Can not live without it!

I have two of these wine saver pumps and about 10 of the rubber corks. When I open a bottle of wine when I am alone, there is always 1/2 left. By using this wine saver, my leftover wine is good for 2 -3 weeks.

May 7, 2020
Love this!!

I absolutley love this wine saver! It saves your wine that you have left over so that it doesn't go back and it's very easy to use! Love It!

Dec. 3, 2018
Works great!

While it's rare we don't finish a whole bottle in one evening, this is a must-have when there's wine leftover. Wine tastes great the next day since all the air gets pumped out.