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VAYCAY Sangria
VAYCAY Sangria
VAYCAY Sangria
VAYCAY Sangria
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VAYCAY Sangria

Medium bodied authentic Sangria

Clean, bright dark pink to cherry red; medium body.
Cinnamon over candied (but not sweet) mixed red berries nose—the effect is spicy fresh red fruit with a hint of orange zest. Tastes like it smells with the fresh mixed red berries leading the charge, plus cinnamon and a touch of citrus at the end. Vibrant, good weight and feel—sweet & accessible but balanced, not cloying. A fun fine wine that's pretty and terrific!

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Churro Chex Mix
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Churro Chex Mix
Sommology Pairings: VAYCAY Sangria

Food and wine getting clever together

Jalapeño cheese dip and chips, smoked almonds, pepper jack cheese and crackers, fried calamari, grilled Cuban sandwiches, paella, ribs with sweet BBQ sauce, fried chicken and waffles, fruit tarts, strawberry ice cream, milk chocolate

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Quick Facts


50% Garnacha (Grenache), 50% Tempranillo




Penedès, Spain


All stainless steel.  We assembled the two varietal blend sweet base red wine emulating an authentic Spanish sangria recipe.

Penedès, Spain

Penedès, Spain

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Why We Love It

Ready to go on VAYCAY?

Our authentic Sangria is a traditional Spanish punch that is famed for its fruity flavors and inviting party vibe. Our version is red-wine based with hints of orange zest and cinnamon. It’s sweet and refreshing with a kick of spice—enjoy a sipcation to Spain from the comfort of home. 

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May 20, 2022
We want it back!

Please being this delicious wine back!

Molly OSullivan
Jan. 12, 2022
Spicy Sangria

I enjoyed this sangria tremendously. Not as sweet as most sangria which is why I liked it. Shared it with family and friends who also love it!

When is it coming back?

Amy Rijfkogel
Apr. 17, 2021
Sweet Sangria on the go.

Perfect for summer sangria moments. Sweet and pairs great with citrus fruits!

Julie Zarillo
Mar. 31, 2021
Spicy Sweet

This is by far my favorite Traveling Vineyard wine!!! It is a great summer wine to share with friends or one to drink on a cold night by the fire. I would definitely recommend it to others as a unique and delicious sangria! Enjoy! Cheers!

Kelly Lopeman
Mar. 30, 2021
Such a fun surprise!

This wine was so much fun to try and share with friends, one of which said, "I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was like a fantastic party in my mouth!" The spiciness of VACAY was such a fun surprise and I can't wait for my next girls' night, definitely pairing it with churros for desert. Definitely a summer essential for our picnics and cookouts!

Ginger Frank
Mar. 29, 2021
VayCay for my Guests!

The first time I had VayCay I didn't know what to expect, with one sip I knew I loved this wine! I absolutely love the smell and the spice when it hits your tongue! I have served this to so many guests we have had after dinner for a fun dessert wine and it never seems to disappoint. I like serving it very cold alone or we will sometimes serve it warm with apple cider! PERFECT!

Kim H
Mar. 21, 2021
Vaycay sangria was not sweet

Everyone's taste is different. Labeling this one as a sweet wine is not exactly accurate in my opinion. It would be best to label this one as a spice wine instead. I was looking forward to sitting down to a sweet wine and instead a bit disappointed. It had absolutely no hint of sweet. Definitely not on my list of faves.

Traveling Vineyard Mar. 22, 2021

Hi Kim, thank you for your review. We understand that everyone has different palettes and tastes, and appreciate you taking the time to review Vaycay. We're sorry to hear that this one isn't your new favorite! We hope you'll give our wines another try. If you're looking for a sweet treat, may we suggest Double Date or Fissata, two of our crowd favorite sweets.

Mar. 19, 2021
My favorite

VayCay is my absolute favorite Traveling Vineyard wine! I love the cinnamon flavor you get with the fruit!

Mar. 8, 2021
I’m a fan

I fell in love with Vaycay from day one. The complexity and the hint of cinnamon is a big hit for me. I love how to me it tastes different in different temperatures. I’ve enjoyed Vaycay on a hot day after I’ve had it chilled. And I’ve equally loved it at room temperature for the extra kick it gives. Great wine either way.

Robin B.
Mar. 8, 2021
Authentic Sangria for the win!

This is not your average Sangria made from a bottle of cheap red wine with fruit mixed in. This will change the way you think of Sangria. It's a little spicy, a little sweet, beautiful in color and fun! I love it served over ice on a warm sunny afternoon. Pair it with chips and guacamole for the win!