Double Date Sweet Rosé

$16.99 / bottle
Double Date Sweet Rosé
Double Date Sweet Rosé
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Double Date Sweet Rosé

Dessert Style Sweet Wine

This Finger Lakes Region sweet rosé is our proprietary blend of hybrid varietals local to the area and traditional grapes like Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Riesling. Its pink color reflects as cheerful as a warm summer day. A slightly nutty component on the nose and bright fruit flavors of watermelon and red berry in the mouth make it pure sweet summer in a glass!

$16.99 / bottle

Cinnamon Rolls
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Cinnamon Rolls
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Food and wine getting clever together

Pound cake, strawberry shortcake, cheesecake, chocolate covered strawberries, vanilla ice cream, quiche, chocolate anything, gorgonzola on a cracker, Key lime pie

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Baco Noir, Catawba, Concord




Finger Lakes, New York


Cold fermented to retain the fresh fruit aromas and flavors. High residual sugar, meaning that the fermentation process was stopped before all the grape’s natural sugars were converted to alcohol

Finger Lakes, New York

Finger Lakes, New York

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Why We Love It

America's Sweetheart

Born in the USA - our sweet 'blush' is so unique, you won't find it anywhere but Traveling Vineyard. Pair this American beauty with date night in - and seal it with a kiss.

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Jan. 24, 2018
So Yummy!!

So Yummy!!

Tracey B.
Jan. 16, 2018
Deliciously sweet and Refreshing

I really love a sweet rose wine and this one was perfect. A wine for all seasons. A delicious mix of Peaches and fresh berries . Not overdone ... very good. If you sent a free case or two I would have a party with my friends. Reasonable price , my new favorite.

Allison S.
Jan. 14, 2018

My favorite new wine!!!!

Denise O.
Jan. 11, 2018
Perfect sipping wine

This is not your typical red wine. This sweet wine is bursting with flavor and not dry at all. I enjoy sipping it with any meal.

Lois S.
Jan. 6, 2018
Love in a bottle!

The best sweet wine I've ever tasted.

Ellen T.
Jan. 6, 2018

If you like a sweet wine but want something a little more sophisticated than Arbor Mist this wine is for you. It is not so sweet it makes your teeth hurt but it won't make your mouth pucker either!

Jamie C.
Jan. 5, 2018

Delicious sweet red wine.

Jan. 2, 2018
Great dessert wine!

I served this wine at a recent girls’ night gathering. My friends fell in love with this wine...unfortunately I only had one bottle. :-(. Given its great reviews with my friends, I purchased additional bottles of wine and gave them out to my girls friends for Christmas. They were very excited over their gift.

Heather G.
Dec. 31, 2017

Love Double Date! Great flavor. My hubby is not a wine guy and he loves it

Dana P.
Dec. 29, 2017
All time FAVE!

I couldn't love a wine more than I love Double Date! We drank 3 bottles of it on Christmas Eve! Also drank a bottle of Fissata! Another favorite!