Lady Like Sweet White

$17.99 / bottle
Lady Like Sweet White
Lady Like Sweet White
Lady Like Sweet White
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Lady Like Sweet White

This Sweet White > Snow White

You may be a full-grown adult, but you’re still not at all certain whether you qualify as a true lady. What’s more, you’re not even sure you want to be one. Just consider all the so-called ladies out there. There’s the spaghetti-slurping purebred of Lady and the Tramp, Lionel Richie’s numerically-confused Lady, Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady, and the classic Lady Macbeth. Yeah, we’re not surprised you may have other aspirations.

We say, embrace being proper-ish, elegant-adjacent, and . . . lady like. Pinkies up, ladies!


Happy Hour turns into Happy Hours
You didn’t actually read the Book Club book
The temp makes you feel like dining al fresco
You want to avoid staining the carpet
You’re dreaming about a tropical getaway
You’re on a tropical getaway


Medium body white blend(a.k.a. Not too light, not too heavy, but juuuust right)
Floral fragrance
Fruity notes of apple, pear, and orange blossom
Hints of white pepper
Goes with all kinds of foods
Tastes like it smells (Go ahead, stick your nose in it all fancy-like)

$17.99 / bottle

Peach Crumble
Featured Recipe:
Peach Crumble
Sommology Pairings: Lady Like Sweet White

Food and wine getting clever together

Buffalo chicken dip, fruit salad, prosciutto wrapped melon, crab cakes, chicken satay with peanut sauce, sushi, deviled eggs, goat cheese, quiche, jalapeno poppers, scallops in bacon, pulled pork with sweet BBQ sauce, white chocolate chip cookies, mango sorbet.

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Mar. 20, 2023
Perfect as a gift or gift to yourself!

Lady Like will not leave you disappointed. This refreshing white blend is one that you can relax and sip alone or you can gather your girlfriends and unwined together.
It is the perfect combination of just the right fruit blends, not too sweet and not too dry BUT so easy to enjoy!
If you are looking for the perfect gift for your “lady like” friends then I suggest you stock up on - That Girl, Lady Like.
She will thank you.

Anne Marie
Mar. 15, 2023

I really enjoyed this white blend. My daughter and I both had a glass or 2. Highly recommend

Mar. 14, 2023

Great tasting! Not to sweet and leaves the perfect taste in your mouth!!

Mar. 12, 2023
All inclusive semi-sweet white

As a white lover who loves semi-sweet whites, this is amazing! Well rounded, flavorful white which will be a crowd pleaser!