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Heist Cabernet Sauvignon
Heist Cabernet Sauvignon
Heist Cabernet Sauvignon
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Heist Cabernet Sauvignon

2020 – Full-bodied red wine

A serious and bold full bodied Cabernet Sauvignon bursting with black currant and cassis, and layered with a smokey, woodsy flavors. This wine has a special affinity for food pairings—try it with short ribs, grilled steak, or brisket.

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Raspberry Chocolate Brownies
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Raspberry Chocolate Brownies
Sommology Pairings: Heist Cabernet Sauvignon

Food and wine getting clever together

Charcuterie platter, short ribs, roasted duck, grilled steak, brisket, flank steak salad with blue cheese, lamb burgers, red quinoa with roasted vegetables, blue cheese/gorgonzola, Parmesan/asiago, aged cheddar, dark chocolate

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Cabernet Sauvignon






Paso Robles, California


Our own single vineyard block Cabernet Sauvignon grapes were machine picked, de-stemmed, then crushed, followed by the juice chemistry analysis. Aged in oenotanks with monthly analysis yielding occasional tweaks, plus bi-monthly tastings right up until the final blend to ensure the highest quality wine.

Paso Robles, California

Paso Robles, California

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Why We Love It

This Cab Will Steal Your Heart

Heist is literally a steal (as the label implies) representing the very best of Paso Robles Wine Country, an area magnificent for Cabs. Heist is a smoother and more graceful Cabernet Sauvignon, much like a Bordeaux from southern St. Julien—accessible, yet refined, bringing together the twin pleasures of ripe fruit and purity.

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Kathleen Evans
Mar. 10, 2022
Heist - it is a steal!!

I love sipping on this Cab! Smooth and easy to enjoy! I love pairing it with brisket and dark chocolate! So good and for the price, it is a steal!!

Mar. 9, 2022
Cab sauv for every day sippin!

I was sad when the Lazy Lab cabernet sauvignon ran out of stock. So as I am patiently waiting for it's return I decided I'd splurge on this wine. And OH. MY. GAUSH. It is just as good, and maybe a little better. Worth every penny spent. I have already begun to increase my supply. I am still hoping for Lazy Lab to return, but Heist is definetly my go to. It pairs superbly with grilled steak and sauteed mushrooms. Also, dark chocolate is my favorite after dinner pairing. If you haven't tried this, you are missing out. It's bold in flavor, the perfect feel of spicy warmth, and has an extremely smooth finish. I love, love this wine. Traveling Vineyard has made another perfect wine.

Mar. 8, 2022
Yes, Please!

Oh my gosh! This wine would be worth jail time if you got it in a Heist! It's full of flavor, bold, and delicious to drink! You will want this for a fancy dinner party or for a quiet night curled up with a good book!

Mar. 8, 2022

LOVE HEIST! So smooth & delicious!!!

Jessica Landisio
Mar. 8, 2022
What a tasty wine!

Heist has become one of my all time favorites ?? It has such a smooth finish and pairs perfectly with a glass (and cheezits). One of the best Cabernet Sauvignons I’ve ever had!

Mar. 7, 2022
Silky smooth and Decadent

Heist is delicious and smooth like silk. It's a Cab like no other and it's worth every penny, and more! I highly recommend it!

Molly Blanchfield
Mar. 6, 2022
A Wine That Will Make Memories

Heist is deliciously full bodied with bold, but not in your face bold, flavors. Really smooth sipping. Everytime I open this with friends it gets raves even by the non-cab lovers! And once you start talking about a wine you love, the coversatoin flows from there. This wine will keep people talking for long time!

Bridget Schwartzott
Mar. 4, 2022
Oh WOW!!!

This wine is so amazing! It has so many things going on! Fruit and Spice and everything nice!!! I am in mad love! SO smooth. I true favorite for me!!!

Jen Cappella
Mar. 4, 2022

This wine is AMAZING!!!! A must try!!! Heist is my current fav Cabernet!! So smooth and dark berry tasting! Goes perfectly with dark chocolate or any chocolate desserts!

Mar. 3, 2022
It's a true "steal"!

Heist is a fantastic Cabernet Sauvignon! It is smooth and pairs with so many great things. I have shared this wine with friends, family, and anyone who will try it. Take part in the Heist!