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Flores De Beco Alentejo Red
Flores De Beco Alentejo Red
Flores De Beco Alentejo Red
Flores De Beco Alentejo Red
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Flores De Beco Alentejo Red

2020 – Medium to full bodied red

Flores de Beco is a bold red blend that brings Portugal to your front door. Led by the country’s famous red grape Touriga Nacional, the wine marries it with Syrah and Alicante Bouschet to create this bold red. With floral and dark berry aromas followed by jammy fruit flavors and a touch of cocoa—it’s a Portuguese star.

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Toffee Bars
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Toffee Bars
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Food and wine getting clever together

Charcuterie platter, bruschetta, tomato-laden pork chops, cajun-spiced grilled white fish, seafood Paella, sausage and vegetable soup, chicken kebobs with onion and pepper, Pecorino, Portuguese Azeitão, Camembert, dark chocolate, toffee bars

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Touriga Nacional, Syrah, Alicante Bouschet






Alentejo, Portugal


The Alentejo blend's lead component, Touriga Nacional, delivers body with rich aromas and flavors of blueberry, plum, blackberry and bittersweet cocoa with touches of mint and violets. Blended with Syrah for color and a touch of sleekness, and red-fleshed Alicante Bouschet that contributes spicy, smokey, jammy flavors.

Alentejo, Portugal

Alentejo, Portugal

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Why We Love It

A Taste of Portugal

This is a wine of place. You can really taste Portugal through the reds from the Alentejo region. This sipper is a rustic yet rich style of red that is poured throughout Portugal. It’s a favorite due to its quaffability combined with power. If you like earthy yet fruity reds, this is the wine for you.

What people are saying about Flores De Beco

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Nancy S.
Aug. 2, 2022
Fantastic with food!

Our wine guide, Laura Smith, had us try this with marinated olives, gouda and red licorice and I couldn't believe how good this wine was with all of it! I can't wait to get my bottle to try with pork chops or pot roast!

May 6, 2022
Great Red

A delicious, dry, but not overly tannic red blend

Apr. 5, 2022
Want to drink it all

Love the finish that lingers after each sip. My favorite kind of red.

Vicki Bishop
Apr. 5, 2022
Smooth full bodied

Very nice and smooth red wine

Mar. 31, 2022
Our new house red

When my husband and I first tried Flores De Beco, we were instantly impressed. It has become our new house red wine. It pairs so well with all of our favorite meals. With low acidity and bold flavors that simply envelops your taste buds, this wine compliments any meal from chicken to steak to tacos. Flores De Beco is also a flavorful addition to a delicious pitcher of sangria.
Our wine rack and wine fridge are always fully stocked with Flores De Beco.

Jody Dvorak
Mar. 24, 2022
Smooth Operator

Everything I want a red wine to be. Fruit forward, smooth and delightfully pair-able with any cheese. Get yourself some dark chocolate, turn down the lights and have a perfect evening with yourself and this bottle!

Mar. 16, 2022
Bloomin' with FLAVOR!

Flores de Beco is one of my favorites thus far. It's rich, smooth, and slight bite taste really complements many Spanish cuisines and anything chocolate. A definite fan favorite for red wine lovers. It is a great wine to bring to dinner or any type of event. This is a must have for every wine rack!

Mar. 15, 2022
My Favorite Red

Flores De Beco is currently my favorite red wine!!! It is so smooth, flavorful, and delicious. Pairs well with steak, dark chocolate, and my glass!

Jennifer Emery
Mar. 15, 2022
My current hit list

Love this wine! I go for the more earthy, smoky wines and this one hit right on that for me. The red fruits keep it smooth as this packs your taste buds with so many flavors. I enjoy this in its own with a good book and bubble bath. I have also paired this with a delicious fudge brownie.

Mar. 13, 2022
Delicious Red Wine

Flores De Beco is a delicious and flavorful with beautiful aromas. Very easy to enjoy.
It is my current favorite.