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Porticina Malvasia
Porticina Malvasia
Porticina Malvasia
Porticina Malvasia
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Porticina Malvasia

2020 – Medium bodied off dry white wine

A rich and vibrant white wine that delivers floral, nutty aromas and mouthfuls of fruity flavors. This succulent wine is great to sip by the glass and also pairs with a wide variety of cuisines from Thai food to Mexican fare. It’s a great option for people who enjoy aromatic Viogniers, lush Chardonnays and full-bodied Moscatos.

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Lemon Bars
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Lemon Bars
Sommology Pairings: Porticina Malvasia

Food and wine getting clever together

Crab cakes, Pad Thai, grilled salmon, veggie burgers, roasted chicken, shortbread cookies, fruit salad, cinnamon rolls, lemon desserts

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Abruzzo, Italy


All temperature controlled stainless-steel, no oak contact

Abruzzo, Italy

Abruzzo, Italy

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Why We Love It

Made with organic grapes

Our Porticina Malvasia comes from an establish Abruzzo grower that has been a been a certified organic winery for more than 25 years, well ahead of the curve. Certified biodynamic in 2003, about one-third of the grapes are biodynamic, while the balance is all organic. All grapes are certified vegan.

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Apr. 5, 2022
Nice light, crisp white

Nothing buttery or oaky, just a nice clean wine. Perfect for so many spring and summer evenings.

Apr. 1, 2022
The perfect white!

I was so excited for this new Italian white to be released! Porticina is my new summer white, so light, crisp and refreshing! I can’t wait to pair it with sitting on the deck on a hot summer night. I highly recommend this one to try!

Mar. 31, 2022

I have been impatiently waiting to try Porticina Malvasia since we first learned about it at Harvest! Eager to celebrate my Italian heritage, wines excite me. Porticina is perfection! It pairs wonderfully with all of our favorite Italian dishes. On St. Joseph’s Day I paired it with a Shrimp and Broccoli Pasta with Truffle Parmesan Cream Sauce…instantly my family and I were transported to Italy with one sip. It also paired perfectly with my Nana’s zeppole for dessert! Thanks for another great wine, Traveling Vineyard!

Tracie Larson
Mar. 31, 2022
Great summer wine

Love the flavors of this wine. Nice and crisps.

Mar. 20, 2022
Weeknight Surprise!

Long day, grabbed dinner on the way home and grabbed Porticina from the wine fridge. Yum, from the first sip! Light but flavorful a really nice sipper. Paired great with my chicken burrito bowl. I may have had the whole bottle ?? I can’t wait to try it with other food like spring salads, deli sandwiches, light pasta dishes, sushi.

Mar. 17, 2022

The first time I had this wine was valentines day. Date night in with lobster and porticina and it was absolutely amazing. Since then, I've had it with many of the other options and I absolutely love it. I highly recommend to anybody but especially those newer to drinking wines.

Mar. 13, 2022
Highly recommend

I tried for the first time last night on its own and it was delicious. Very smooth wine. I cannot wait to buy more and try it with some grilled salmon and pad Thai.

Mar. 9, 2022
Found my summer sipper

Porticina is the perfect wine for summertime! It is dry, crisp, refreshing and pairs well with so many foods or just friends on the deck!

Kelly Lopeman
Mar. 9, 2022

I absolutely love this wine! It reminds me of sitting outside on a summer day, sipping with my friends and making memories. It is delicious with "everything but the bagel" hummus and plain crackers. YUM!

Mar. 8, 2022
Best Summer Beach Wine

Porticina is the perfect wine for summer time! I love this crisp, dry wine that pairs well with so many foods or just friends on the beach!