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Chiacchierone Catarratto
Chiacchierone Catarratto
Chiacchierone Catarratto
Chiacchierone Catarratto
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Chiacchierone Catarratto

2020 – Medium bodied dry white wine

Our very first Catarratto, hailing from the island of Sicily – this trendy wine is a splash of Mediterranean sunshine in your glass. With juicy textures and crisp, lemony aromas—this unique beauty is a delight when paired with seafood, risotto, and holiday fun.

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Hummus platter, caprese skewers, tuna fish salad, eggplant parmesan, Caponata, white fish with rice pilaf, risotto, tuna and lemon linguini, Brie, goat cheese, Feta, lemon cake, lemon cream pie, sorbet

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100% Catarratto






Siciliane, Italy


Temperature controlled stainless-steel tanks, no oak contact

Siciliane, Italy

Siciliane, Italy

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Why We Love It

A Sip of Sicilian Sunshine

If you like Italy’s Pinot Grigio, you’ll want to explore another of the country’s famous whites, Catarratto. Sicily has been producing lovely wines for centuries, but in recent years this island off Italy’s coast has charmed the sommelier set, giving this largely under-valued place fresh energy and new cachet. Catarratto is a trendy wine that gives you the insider track to sipping in style.

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Nicole Hughes
Jul. 25, 2022
Amazing Red

Full body; not too bold. A great wine for the sophisticated palate. I love it with grilled meats and veggies. Cheers!

Apr. 5, 2022
Love this one

Crisp and delightful

Feb. 5, 2022
Very crisp, best paired

This is a very crisp, dry wine. It is fine alone, but really came to life paired with the right food. I drank it with lemony roasted carrots and garlic couscous. The wind would compliment spicier dishes, as well. The wine is more tart than I normally prefer and not buttery at all.

Renee Mountz
Feb. 2, 2022
Fish taco time

This is my favorite with fish tacos... perfect weight - perfect balance - easy drinking!

Jan. 21, 2022
Crisp and refreshing

Sicily in a glass! Crisp and refreshing. One of my favorite wines, perfect for porch sipping.

Atheer Salih
Jan. 6, 2022
Not a White Wine fan

Did not find a food that I could pair with and love. I ended up mixing some juice in it to be able to tolerate the rest. Wont recommend

Traveling Vineyard Jan. 6, 2022

Thanks so much for giving it a chance! We recommend trying this wine with lemon bars or other lemon desserts. Cheers!

Annette D'Antonio
Dec. 13, 2021
That's italian

Loved this refreshing white with hard salami!

Nov. 11, 2021

So refreshing! An easy drinking white wine.

Oct. 22, 2021
Sooo good!

I am loving this Catarratto! It's light, bright and refreshing and just so easy to sip. I have paired it with Skittles which is a delightful Halloween pairing and then tonight with a lobster roll. This wine is like a LBD (little black dress) that can transition from simple to elegant with a touch of an accessory/pairing. Love it!!