Jitterbug Sauvignon Blanc
Jitterbug Sauvignon Blanc
Jitterbug Sauvignon Blanc
Jitterbug Sauvignon Blanc
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Jitterbug Sauvignon Blanc

2019 – Light to medium-bodied

Pale straw, light-to-medium body. Floral, integrated nose of herbs, pineapple, and grapefruit in equal parts. Good weight, feel, balance and extraction—tastes as it smells with grapefruit dominating. The wine is quite integrated and balanced, the acidity and finish both less assertive—perfect when paired with goat cheese.

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Goat cheese, gazpacho, shrimp with fresh citrus sauce, shrimp cocktail, sushi and sashimi, spinach dip, deli meat sandwiches, green salads with herbal dressing, pasta salads, spanakopita, salted pistachios, spicy nuts

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100% Sauvignon Blanc




Lodi, California


Two Sauvignon Blanc components, one large, one tiny, both from trusted long-term Lodi growers. Fermented then aged in temperature-controlled stainless-steel tanks. The base component was sustainably grown following the Lodi Rules standards of sustainable farming by our favorite local grower's ranches for Lodi Sauvignon Blanc, cherries & beans.

Lodi, California

Lodi, California

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Makayla Clarke
Mar. 20, 2021

This is my favorite white! It is so crisp and excellent taste. Definitely a MUST try!

Carol Swenson
Mar. 10, 2021
Don't overlook this one!

Jitterbug proved once again that exploring new wines is always a surprise. I love this fresh, crisp white with sushi as well as with creamy chicken and seafood dishes. Also, the Jitterbug Bloody Mary was the hit at Sunday brunch!

Sue Endress
Mar. 10, 2021
Jitterbug Dances!

Jitterbug Sauvignon Blanc just dances on your tongue! Crisp, bright, and full of citrus flavors. This wine is perfect with anything seafood (my personal favorite!) or just your glass! Perfect Spring sipper!

Tamara Wischer
Mar. 6, 2021

This is one of my absolute favorites. The flavors of grapefruit & white grape pop! It's so crisp! I love to sip on this while fixing dinner! I highly recommend this!

Tish Todd
Mar. 5, 2021
Jitterbug dances on the tongue

First off, the label it self brings my mood up and wanting to get moving and dancing. The blend of flavors overcomes of the acidity. The crisp smooth taste leaves me feeling like I am sitting on my porch in the tropics. The fresh smell of the tropical grapefruit is so refreshing. It truly is my "porch" wine. Great for sipping and chatting.

Mar. 4, 2021
Love the Jitterbug!

The Jitterbug Sauvignon Blanc is a crisp, clean wine that I enjoy alone and with my Friday night Indian takeout!

Heather Cooke
Feb. 26, 2021
Wine Guide

So crisp!!! Just love Jitterbug!!!

Leigh Anne Savaiinaea
Feb. 24, 2021

This sauvignon blanc is nice to sip while sitting on the porch, picnicking, or visiting with friends. Light and tasty

Adrienne Barker
Feb. 24, 2021
So crisp and refreshing!

I absolutely love Jitterbug Sauvignon Blanc! This wine is the perfect complement to almost any seafood or chicken dish, cheese board - or just on its own! The citrusy flavors make it such an easy wine to sip. I drink mine super-chilled!

Dan Allen
Feb. 24, 2021
One of my favorite whites!

Sauvignon Blanc is my favorite white and this one by Traveling Vineyard does not disappoint! It is a very easy sipper, well-balanced and not too tart.