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Cucharón Red Blend
Cucharón Red Blend
Cucharón Red Blend
Cucharón Red Blend
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Cucharón Red Blend

2018 – Medium bodied red

Brilliant India ink, garnet-starting-towards-brick; medium body. Floral nose of blackberry over anise. Good structure, weight, feel & extraction on the palate - interesting-to-beguiling black fruits over herbs.  This is a food wine and will reward the adventurous-of-palate.

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Vegetable Fried Rice
Featured Recipe:
Vegetable Fried Rice
Sommology Pairings: Cucharón Red Blend

Food and wine getting clever together

Grilled steak, swiss cheese and bacon bits baked in phyllo dough, charcuterie, stuffed mushrooms, feta-stuffed baked dates, vegetarian stuffed peppers, bacon burgers, beef stew, dark chocolate, plum tart, dark chocolate espresso beans

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Quick Facts


43% Malbec, 39% Petite Verdot, 18% Tannat








Each component originally vinted as a stand-alone varietal: hand harvest, double manual grape selection, 3-5 day cold-soaking, alcoholic fermentation in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks for about two weeks, 100% spontaneous malolactic fermentation, aged up to four months in neutral French & American oak. Blend assembled prior to bottling. 



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Why We Love It

A hearty red with deep flavors

Sultry with spicy Latin flair, this wine’s power and earthiness is wrapped with dark fruit flavors. Pair with rich dishes such as braised, slow-cooked meat dishes, grilled steak, and vegetarian options led by mushrooms.

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Laura Laney
Dec. 27, 2021
Great wine

I've ordered this wine twice. I like Argentinian wine and this does not disappoint. I'm not a hard-core red wine drinker, but I love how it compliments beef dishes.

Amy B
Nov. 26, 2021
Worst Wine Ever

This was the worst tasting wine I have ever tried. Not sure if the bottle was skunked. Boone's Farm and Mad Dog 20/20 are better than this wine.

Traveling Vineyard Nov. 29, 2021

Thank you for your feedback, Amy. We apologize that your bottle was not as delicious as it should be! Our support team will be reaching out to you via email to discuss further. Cheers!

Oct. 30, 2021
Not my fav

This wine wasn’t to my liking. I usually drink a bold Cabernet or Petite Syrah. I knew I didn’t like Petite Verdot but tried this anyway. It over takes the Malbec for sure. I will say -it finishes nicely but it’s hard to get past the smell and taste. Will not reorder this one.

Traveling Vineyard Nov. 1, 2021

Hi Laura! We appreciate your feedback and understand that everyone has different palettes. If you prefer the boldness of Petite Sirah, then may we suggest tasting our 5 String Reserve? We've also just released our brand-new Rilassanti Cabernet Sauvignon, too! With wines harvested from all over, we're sure to have the perfect pairing for you. Cheers!

Traveling Vineyard Nov. 1, 2021

Thanks so much for your review Laura! We're sad to hear this wasn't your new favorite, but glad you gave it a try! We hope you'll keep exploring your palate to find the next new wine you love. Cheers!

Michael Bizub
Oct. 5, 2021
A staple in my wine rack!

This is an amazing wine, I love bringing this to friends house to share and it’s always the first to be enjoyed!

Debra Caamano
Mar. 25, 2021
Wow. Just wow.

I wasn’t sure how I would like this but what an amazing taste it has. It gave me a very fulfilled feeling after sip number 2 and I could really taste oak! Love this

Tim Barr
Mar. 17, 2021
Wow in a bottle!

Cucharon is a small wine with a big punch! The smoothness was a hit at my latest dinner party and it went well with the steak I grilled. Everyone who attended raved about this wine.

Courtney Fisher
Mar. 11, 2021
Great Wine

I love this wine. I have had it with pizza and spaghetti and it is great with us. It is so easy to drink alone too!

Leigh Anne Savaiinaea
Feb. 24, 2021

Not usually a dry red wine drinker, and have love this wine from the first taste. Not too dry and goes great with my steak, or just to sip

Feb. 4, 2021
Cucharon me a Bottle of Wine?

Love it! This wine has the best blend . I am a malbec fan. It is
is a marriage of dry and sweet. It is the perfect wine to sip by your fireplace with a steak and potato dinner.

Tanya Van Someren
May 8, 2020
Smooth and easy to drink!

This wine is a favorite for both my husband and I! Easy to drink, fruit forward and smooth. It pairs great with dark chocolate, spicy dishes or just a glass!