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Woodvale Estates Merlot
Woodvale Estates Merlot
Woodvale Estates Merlot
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Woodvale Estates Merlot

2016 – Medium bodied red wine

Barely translucent garnet-to-brick on the edge only; medium body. Nose of toast and forest floor, integrated with subtly woody plums, cherry, and black tea. Integrated and accessible; good weight and structure with a smooth, balanced feel and good length of flavors and finish. Mature extraction supported plum and cherry flavors are tamed by the
Merlot's age—ready to drink now.

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Blackberry Crisp
Featured Recipe:
Blackberry Crisp
Sommology Pairings: Woodvale Estates Merlot

Food and wine getting clever together

Bacon-wrapped dates, stuffed potato skins with cheese, roasted eggplant and zucchini casserole, vegetable minestrone soup, tomato soup, burgers with swiss cheese and mushrooms, ground turkey-stuffed peppers, grilled cheese sandwiches, aged cheeses (from white cheddar to gouda), blackberry crumble, blueberry pie, brownies

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100% Merlot








Aged in oak barrels



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Jennifer Bollinger
May 29, 2022
Great wine

Great balance and nice flavor

Mar. 27, 2022
Lives Up To the Name

When you think of the word "estates," the words lush, rich, and elegant come to mind; this wine embodies its name Woodvale Estates. Merlots are my favorite, and this is my new favorite from Traveling Vineyard. It's not overpowering but strikes just the right balance.

Mar. 21, 2022
Pleasant surprise

I’ve not been a fan of Merlot, but Woodvale Estates has been a pleasant surprise! Fruity with soft tannins, nice sipper!

Renee Mountz
Feb. 2, 2022
movie night

This is my go to for movies, chocolate and popcorn - so delightful

Atheer Salih
Jan. 6, 2022
Another fav

Yes, this one goes on my LOVE list! Any Merlot probable would

Renee Mountz
Sep. 2, 2021

This is 1 of my favorite "go to" wines for anything and everything! :)

Apr. 28, 2021
Smooth and delicious

Red wines are not my favorite, particularly because they are too dry for my taste. I tried this Merlot because I have had success with other Merlots from Traveling Vineyard. This did not disappoint. It was smooth and flavorful. I really enjoyed this wine just on its own.

Jessica L
Mar. 31, 2021
Absolutely delicious!

I've never been a huge Merlot wine drinker but Woodvale Estates Merlot is absolutely perfect. It's got a nice balance of fruitiness and earthiness. Not only does it pair nicely with BBQ chips and meatballs, but it also compliments my wine glass. It's definitely a wine I'll be ordering more of.

Mar. 30, 2021

Now I can say I LOVE Merlot also, I have never been one to pick a Merlot - every other Red until Woodvale Estates - Thank You once again Traveling Vineyard! This is AMAZING! From my first sip it is PERFECTION.... All the flavors are just wonderful!

Mel Eitel
Mar. 29, 2021
Smooth as silk

The dark fruits balance perfectly with the softest tannins. I will definitely be ordering more!