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Small Hours Zinfandel
Small Hours Zinfandel
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Small Hours Zinfandel

2015 – Full Body, Complex Red

Opaque garnet-to-brick, medium-to-full body. Some dimension to the varietal nose over toasty oak with a touch of vanilla. Sleek, not-quite-explosive as-it-smells varietal fruit, good on all fronts.

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Chocolate Hummus
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Chocolate Hummus
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Food and wine getting clever together

Anything dark choc raspberry, Ghiradelli dark choc raspberry squares, chocolate raspberry milanos, chocolate raspberry cheesecake/mousse, brownies, etc. bbq pork ribs, pulled pork, chocolate covered strawberries, pizza, chili

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90.6% 15 Lodi Zinfandel, 3.9% NV Lodi mixed dry red table wine, 3.2% 15 CA Petite Sirah, 1.79% 15 Lodi Ruby Cabernet , 0.6% NV CA mixed dry red table wine.






Lodi, California


Made in stainless steel fermenters, aging in seasoned, almost neutral, French and American oak, bearing in mind that Zinfandel is about the fruit rather than the oak regimen.

Lodi, California

Lodi, California

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Why We Love It

In The Wee Small Hours: Behind the Label

The name, Small Hours, is a reference to Frank Sinatra’s classic album, “In the Wee Small Hours,” a musical catharsis released shortly after his infamous breakup with Ava Gardner. The label itself is an homage to the classic cover art from that album, with mirrored colors, fonts, tone, and lights. Even the wardrobe and attitude reflect Frankie’s tilted fedora and almost-forgotten cigarette.

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Elaine DG
Mar. 30, 2021
Friday Night=Charcuterie + Small Hours

Friday night means time to treat ourselves and relax. Small Hours is our wine of choice to pair with our charcuterie board. I love earthy wines and it gives me a good excuse to eat my dark chocolate covered fruit. And who wouldn't want a 16% ABV wine on a Friday night! Cheers!

Katie Hunsicker
Mar. 15, 2021
Great with steak

I'm usually a sweet wine drinker but this wine goes well with my steak dinner. The smokiness to it is really good, especially once aerated. Plus at 16% alcohol, you don't need much to get a little tipsy!

Mary Speight
Mar. 10, 2021
Sooooo Good!!!!

If you are looking for a medium to full-bodied red then Small Hours may be exactly it. Not just a silver award-winning wine with the World Wine Championships, this red zinfandel is fruit-forward with the aromas of plums, mocha, and wood, over black fruit. I am so in love with this wine. It is my absolute favorite. When I open a bottle and get that aroma, I know the taste is going to be just as magical. I definitely image being in one of my favorite places, with some of my favorite people.

Angela Sarson
Mar. 2, 2021
My Favorite Traveling Vineyard Wine

Small hours is my absolute favorite Traveling Vineyard wine. I love everything about it from the rich fruit flavors to the smooth finish, and everything in between. This wine is very food friendly and is my absolute favorite to have with oreo's. Be sure to always have a bottle or three on hand.

Olivia Zemanek
Feb. 25, 2021
Usually white wine drinker

Okay so I was nervous to try red wines, but actually enjoyed this one! I think the hints of the strawberry and fruits really drew me in. Also, pairing it! I tried this with a chocolate covered strawberry...WOW. Amazing combo. Give it a shot!

Mark Kinzel
Feb. 24, 2021
Small Hours = Big Flavors!

This Silver Medal winner is the perfect compliment to anything from a simple piece of chocolate to a full blown steak dinner! Earthy with hints of strawberry, raspberry and chocolate and a nice long finish that keeps you wanting more!

Robin B.
Feb. 24, 2021
In the Wee Small Hours!

Put on some Sinatra, your favorite pizza and share this bottle with a friend! With over 16% alcohol it packs a punch and is the perfect bottle to enjoy with another. This Zin from Lodi will not disappoint!

May 16, 2020
Wish is wasn’t gone

I tried this early into quarantine and loved it, now that it’s unavailable I’m as sad as the guy on the bottle ??

JoAnn kleintop
May 1, 2020

So sad it's all gone

Cara A.
Dec. 10, 2017

This wine was overly dry.