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Nine out of 10 Traveling Vineyard Guests would recommend attending a Traveling Vineyard wine tasting party. We’re thrilled, because after all, the best guest is a happy one! We love to hear that the passion we have for wine—and for providing you with an event that goes beyond the typical wine tasting—is making a positive impact in the world of direct selling.

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Ramona Leonard
Nov. 7, 2022
I hosted a party with Jenn Rose as my consultant

This was such a fun evening. Jenn was fun, uplifting and very insightful about the wine and pairing. I am happy I took this opportunity to do this.

Kathleen McGuire
Nov. 7, 2022
Hosted a party

Debbie Allen was our consultant-she has done 3 parties for me. We had so much fun and ordered a ton wine! Love this wine! Debbie was awesome as always!!

Shannon Lindley
Nov. 7, 2022
Always Fun!

I’ve had multiple parties and have been to multiple parties. Sydney Brothers is the best consultant ever!! She provided me recipes that your company suggested for pairing and I made them all. It all was a hit!!

Nov. 7, 2022
So much fun!

We had an amazing time! The wines were yummy, the company was great and Annette paired wonderful foods with the wines to enhance the tasting experience.

I look forward to the next one!

Nov. 6, 2022
Best Night Ever!

Me and my girls had a blast! I plan on having and annual party with my ladies!!??

Patricia Hansen
Nov. 6, 2022
Afternoon "whine" party

I hosted a w(h)ine tasting party with family, friends and neighbors. Your rep, Cindy, was very informative, pleasant and patient with so many conversations going on. Everyone enjoyed the wines and the food I prepared to go with each. We're looking forward to receiving our wine orders!

Nicole Waltman
Nov. 6, 2022
Girls night

Morgan did a fantastic job with my large rowdy group. We had a huge turn out and the wine pairings and the way she explained it was wonderful, I would have another party!!

Ann H
Nov. 5, 2022
So much fun!

Terri Gatewood did an awesome job explaining the wine and what to pair with it. Many at the party talked about liking wines that they usually didn’t just because of changing what they were eating with it (olives or cherry tomatoes, etc).
A lot of laughs and fun had by all ??

Marcy Lindenmuth
Nov. 5, 2022
Wine & Dine

Liz Resnick is an amazing Wine Guide. This was my second time hosting a party with her and it was so much fun!it is a great way to learn a lot about wines and have a reason to come together to eat, laugh and enjoy some wines. It was a fun night out and I was able to use the food pairings suggestions to make some delicious, seasonal dishes to pair with the wines. A great time was had by all!

Nita Redmond
Nov. 4, 2022
Bed news

First off the lady that did our party was very good at what she did but we all had to pay for shipping and handling and it was coming to my house plus people drove from Oil City and other places to come to my party now they have to drive back here to get their bottles of wine and they got charged for shipping there was no incentive for the person that gave the party which would be me so I'm not very happy with your products yes the wine tasted okay but you should give people something free at least a bottle of wine or a tool I'm very upset that we all have to pay for shipping and the bottles of wine are $18 and more I had a lady book a party I didn't get anything for that so now she's thinking about canceling the party because it's not fair that we don't get anything for having a party for the people that you have working for you the people that you have working for you should get something too I'm sure they get paid but for people to have a party the people that have the party should get something nice and there should be incentives for having a party like a free bottle of wine or something of that sort the one that we tasted most of it was nasty there was one that I really liked so I ordered it so then I had to pay for shipping and two other people that ordered four bottles has to pay for shipping too why are they paying for shipping we don't know because it's all coming to my house my understanding from the lady that did my party was if it all was shipped to my house we only had to pay one month of 995 I don't understand this I wish since would get this stuff straight before you send people out into this world to sell your product so my understanding is I may cancel my whole order and the lady is going to cancel her party nothing against the lady that did my party it's your fault you're the company you're the ones that should offer nice things if you want people to have parties for you just like any other party I put on they always give us something free for having another party and for having a order of 10 bottles or more so I don't know what your deal is and how you're going to make money on this but my complaint is you don't give anything so maybe you ought to consider doing something nice not only for the people that sell your product but for the people that have a party for your product and the people that are setting up a party for your product consider the people that have went out of their way to have a party for you product and just to let you know the lady that gave us and came to my house to have a party for you and your product was a wonderful salesperson or she wouldn't have got 10 bottles of wine ordered I hope you understand where I am coming from and I'm hoping your business does well but I don't see that happening because you are not offering nice things and prizes or any of the above two people for incentives to have a party or to book a party from other people's parties think about that

Traveling Vineyard Nov. 8, 2022

Hi Nita! Our sincere apologies for any confusion or frustration. We do offer our Hosts complimentary bottles and free shipping based on their events, as well as access to exclusive and discounted accessories, like our new Electric Wine Opener! Additionally, we have various shipping options in hopes of allowing customers to pick what makes sense for them. All orders that include 6 or more full-priced wine bottles receive free shipping. Guests absolutely have the option to ship their orders directly to their house, and we also offer Guests discounted shipping prices should they wish to have their order bulk packaged and shipped to their Host instead. We also view this as a benefit for those who are not available to receive their delivery during the day, since someone 21+ is always needed for delivery. We thank you for Hosting and hope you'll consider giving us another try. If we can help further or any any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]