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Nine out of 10 Traveling Vineyard Guests would recommend attending a Traveling Vineyard wine tasting party. We’re thrilled, because after all, the best guest is a happy one! We love to hear that the passion we have for wine—and for providing you with an event that goes beyond the typical wine tasting—is making a positive impact in the world of direct selling.

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Amber Voigt
Nov. 10, 2022
Beyond the Bottle

Robin is my wine girl!! The wines are incredible, and Robin is beyond amazing. I like to be creative when it comes to my business marketing and networking, and it is as though Robin was the perfect match for that. She is so knowledgeable, creative, accommodating and basically perfect :-) She not only hosted a virtual wine tasting network event for me but also went as far as organizing most of it. Robin listens to my vision and then put it together perfectly. Since then, I have made these wines as part of my personal brand when reaching out to clients and referral partners. I highly recommend both the wines and Robin! She is what you get beyond the bottle!!

Andrew Gerry
Nov. 10, 2022
Hosted event

Heather Doyle was amazing and it was a lot of fun. Not much of a wine fan, but I'm slowly getting turned into one :). Definitly will do it again!

Yvonne Klotz
Nov. 10, 2022
Teacher Gathering

It was educational and fun and full of giggles and catching up:)

Cindy Mizzen
Nov. 9, 2022
Great event with a great Wine guide

Sandi Okruszynski was a great wine guide! She helped me choose the wines for my event based on what my friends like, and she also gave great suggestions for food pairings! I didn't use her suggestions exactly, but the types of things she suggested spurred my own ideas. During the event, not only was she informative, but fun! We had a lot of laughter along with our great wine. My friends loved the event, which shows in how much wine they ordered!

Amber Hampton
Nov. 8, 2022
Love the wines and atmosphere!

I have always liked wine but it amazing how food can change the taste! Its fun to try new wines and learn about them!

Nov. 8, 2022

Stacey was great! Very knowledgeable. Great pairings and great wine. Everyone really enjoyed everything about my brunch. But the wine was the best! ????

Brenda Raub
Nov. 8, 2022
I hosted a fun night

Heather was a super great presenter and so fun! We enjoyed the wine and suggestions for the pairings. All in all, everyone had such a good time and will continue to once our wine is delivered.

Deb Machin
Nov. 7, 2022
Teaching Moments

Nancy Jones had an excellent presentation! Not only did we get to taste some delicious wines, all my guests learned something new too!

Jennifer Faler
Nov. 7, 2022
Fantastic Friday Evening

What a great way to kick off the holiday season! Our consultant, Melissa, was knowledgeable and fun. My guests had a wonderful time trying new wines and learning more about how to taste.

Rachel collins
Nov. 7, 2022

Our consultant, Julie.. was amazing! She knew her stuff! Had a great evening with friends!