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Mar. 18, 2020
Fun experience!

I hosted a party and we all had a great time! This is great for wine lovers and even new wine drinkers. I learned a lot and thought it was an overall fun experience! Stephanie was good at keeping us on track and explaining the different wines.

Mar. 18, 2020
Great time for all!

It was a blast! For wine lovers and those who came to just be supportive. Lots of laughs and good memories. Was a first wine tasting for most of us!would do again or attend one!

Mar. 18, 2020
I loved it

This was the first ever wine tasting event I tried
I drink wine everyday but always went to my to go place
I went to wine guild Rhonda 767607 tasting and loved it so I booked off her
We are moonshine people in theses hills but she made us a believer now we shout like a LA screaming goat.
Mine was great several people attended for their first time tasting event and I did loved it
We never dreamed that food pairing made such a different in the taste of Our wine
We all enjoyed Rhonda being our wine guide she was such a Hoot!
She was really a Fissata blonde with a pajama drama style.
She had no smirk about her Wines and we got her Bright birdeyes view on the wines.
We were in a jitterbug about the event but she said we could double date if comfortable lol
We all had a Zeffirelli’s hill of a time.
Krista Hardy

Mar. 18, 2020
Another fun evening!

Cindy is an awesome wine guide. She always makes it fun and fresh even for those of us who have been to several tastings.

Mar. 18, 2020

My wine guide was Don'Nisha. I went to her very first wine tasting. For me not being experienced to wine, it was a very eye-opening event. Don'Nisha was very knowledgeable and had a great personality. Definitely something worth experiencing again.

Mar. 17, 2020
My Wine Party Experience

My wine guide was Brittany and she did great! She was very outgoing and has a great personality. She made the experience fun and relaxed. Thank you for hosting at my house and making this a great experience!

Mar. 17, 2020
Amazing Wine with Amazing Benefits

I have been a TV customer since the beginning! This company keeps getting better and better. These wines so so fresh with no toxic chemicals. They taste amazing with no side effects! Taste, shop online, and delivered to your door.

Mar. 16, 2020

Charlene is AWESOME! Very good wine host, Very knowledgeable and a great personality. Love her!

Mar. 16, 2020

Crystal was amazing. She was very informative about the wine and pairings. Super happy with my experience hosting.

Mar. 16, 2020
Wine Tasting with an Irish theme!

Jacalyn Wine guide Katie Lynch was wonderful. She set her things up and was well prepared to lead us through the five wines. We all had a great time learning about each one along with a little Irish culinary history in the pairings. Everyone loved it!