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Mar. 27, 2020
Amazing Wines

Kristen is so amazing. I ordered from her when the malbec was released. Which by the way I love. She then asked me about being an online host because I didnt really want to host a party. That online event was so easy to earn my discounts. So wonderful experience. Kristen is superb and I have tried half of the wines now lol. The wine is super delicious and highly recommended.

Mar. 26, 2020

Love Traveling Vineyards & most especially Braden Wicks

Mar. 23, 2020
Good friends. Good wine.

Braden was great in describing the wines and what to expect when we tasted them and what food to pair them with. They had a different taste when paired with different foods. Everyone asked questions and shared their experiences. I would consider hosting another one in the future!

Mar. 23, 2020
Best Wines & Time

I really enjoyed my wine tasting! It's a special perk that my wine guide is one of my best friends from high school. Kaitlyn helped us see how the wine really does taste that much better with the right foods! Such a fun time!

Mar. 22, 2020
Fun experience

We had a lot of fun. My boyfriend and his best friend even showed up and participated and they are not wine drinkers at all. It was fun to learn how to actually drink, smell and pair foods. Ally was awesome.

Mar. 22, 2020
Great wine

I hosted the party with many cancellations due to the coronavirus. The smaller party size was more intimate and fun! Some of the newer wines were awesome! Jessica is a great wine guide.

Mar. 21, 2020
Fun Afternoon

My guests and I had such a lovely afternoon being hosted by Wine Guide Grant! He was extremely informative, lovely, and made it fun. A few of my guests are now keen to host their own parties! Would definitely recommend.

Mar. 21, 2020

Lisa Shimahara was our wine guide and she blew us away! She was so personable and gave us excellent pairing Suggestions. I attended another wine party that she was at and after I just had to host my own party with her specifically! Can wait to drink my wine??

Mar. 21, 2020

Allison is extremely informative and full of tips and tricks. I have been to several of her hostings, and everytime I learn something new.

Mar. 19, 2020
Fun Couples Party

I was trying to find something for us and our couple friends to do besides getting together to watch pro sports on TV. I remembered a new friend of mine has a wine business. I called her and invited 6 couples over. It was such a fun night and my friends all told me how much fun they had (even the guys had a blast)! Most of our friends are wine drinkers and some of them told me they learned new things from our wine ambassador, Kim. She was a hilarious consultant as well!! This was definitely a great thing to do with friends and the wine is fantastic!