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Nine out of 10 Traveling Vineyard Guests would recommend attending a Traveling Vineyard wine tasting party. We’re thrilled, because after all, the best guest is a happy one! We love to hear that the passion we have for wine—and for providing you with an event that goes beyond the typical wine tasting—is making a positive impact in the world of direct selling.

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Monica Ferrari
May 7, 2023

It was very informative for everyone, so the Presenter always had their attention.
The wines were a great choice and thefood pairing made the wines stand out.
Everyone had a very good time.

Jennifer Dahms
May 6, 2023
The wine was ok

I had a tasting to try out the wines that were available through Traveling Vineyard. The process of scheduling the event and the event itself was a little confusing. I had several invites that didn't go out because of a possible glitch in the website. I got invited to a different program within Traveling Vineyard when I wasn't supposed to be because I was having a tasting. I was not informed ahead of time that the wine guide could not pour the wines. It was a little chaotic with trying to present the food with the wines at the same time on my end. I wished that the wine guide would have had more professional looking folders and printouts for my guests. And then I was a little dismayed that to get any free wine after being a host, I had to purchase three bottles first. It seemed like the set up and business end did not move very smoothly. And the wines were just okay in my opinion. Nothing very rememberable about any of them.

Traveling Vineyard May 8, 2023

Hi Jennifer! Thank you for Hosting your own free wine tasting and sharing your feedback. Although we haven't had other reports of the website glitching, we apologize for any miscommunication or confusion. Due to how heavily regulated the alcohol industry is, our independent Wine Guides are not legally permitted to pour the wine. Our tastings consist of a Wine Guide bringing 5 free bottles of wine to your private home to present and educate around. Again, our apologies if those expectations were not properly communicated ahead of your tasting. We hope that you'll give our award-winning wines another try again soon!

May 6, 2023

This was a fun time and the wines are delicious!

Angela Sarson
May 6, 2023

We had so much fun! Angela always make the tastings fun while telling about the wines, grapes and food pairings.

May 4, 2023
Pairing is Great!

I held a party and my guests loved it! The recipe recommendations were great for pairings and really helped everyone to appreciate the wine selection even more. My host was Erika Ecker and she did an excellent job of educating all of us. A fun party!

May 4, 2023
my party

Loved having the recipes with the food entrees. Made it easy to pick what i was gonna serve. Enjoyed tasting wines I normally would not have tried.

Melva Swinton
May 4, 2023
Excellent Event

I attended a wine tasting on April 29th my host was Tricia Sulitz she was a wonderful host and was very knowledgeable about the wine she was sharing with us at the end of the tasting I placed a order and i can not wait to attend her next event!!

Megan Meyer
May 1, 2023
Excellent Event

My hostess, Kristin Puskas, did a wonderful job explaining the wine and the pairings. She was very knowledgeable and helpful when it came to ordering the wines. I had her as a hostess last year as well and will definitely host another one again.

Richard Sulitz
Apr. 30, 2023
Excellent Event

I attended the wine tasting event of Tricia Sulitz and she did an excellent job. Tricia was very knowledgeable about the particular wines that she displayed at the event. Everyone had a wonderful time and there was so many laughs but it was also educational. I believe everyone at the tasting was eager to place an order.
Way to got Tricia??

Jennifer Rothstein
Apr. 30, 2023
Best Birthday Party!

I wanted to take my sister for a wine/food pairing event for her birthday. I couldn't find anything in Boston for under $400 per person. I came across the Traveling Vineyard website during my search. I booked the event, we had 12 women at the event. With the suggested food pairings from our wine guide, Nakesha, we had everyone bring something to the party. We choose smaller plates, like bruschetta, warm pretzels & guacamole and chips. Our wine guide Nakesha was fantastic. She walked us through information about the wine, suggested food pairings, and some interesting facts about using all the senses when enjoying wine. She made the night so relaxing and fun. We had such a great time that our group is already chatting about booking another event. I highly recommend booking an event with them and we would request Nakesha again in the future. Everything from inquiry, to event booking and prep was made easy and on my timeline. It surpassed my expectations in every way!