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Apr. 2, 2020
Girl’s Virtual Quarantine Wine Party

This was our hosts first virtual wine party. It was great to see her and all of our friends and enjoy wine that we have previously purchased from her and hear about the new ones. We were able to laugh together, stock up and enjoy free shipping during this terrible pandemic. Thank you so much Danielle!! You’re the Best!!

Apr. 1, 2020
Love my wine guide and great hostess benefits

I had a virtual party, which I was apprehensive about initially, however, my wine guide, Missy, was an absolute pleasure to work with! Her posts were educational and witty, and she reached out personally to my guests. Thanks to her efficiency I received the most bang for my buck in regard to the hostess benefits! I cannot wait until my shipment arrives!

Apr. 1, 2020
Social distancing wine time!

Elaine hosted a battle of the hosts online and it was so much fun! She was very interactive with us and facilitated great and humorous conversations during this stressful time. And I won the battle! Woo!

Apr. 1, 2020
So much fun!

We had a blast at our virtual tasting with Morgan. She was a fantastic wine guide. I can’t wait to receive my wine in the mail!

Apr. 1, 2020
Margi Simoni

I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience with traveling vineyard.

Apr. 1, 2020
Social distancing

For everything that's going... this was a good way to go. I did receive some amazing host rewards. And Tanya was fabulous and always energetic and positive. I am excited to do an in home soon. Thanks again Tanya.

Apr. 1, 2020
Social distancing online party

I was a little worried about doing an online party knowing we wouldn't be able to taste test first, but it went really good. I cant thank my friends and family enough for placing orders and making the event fun. Tanya put some great informational posts online and answered questions in a timely manner. I think overall we had a good time and if nothing else it was something else to see & read rather than the current COVID-19 news feeds. Thank you again Tanya!

Apr. 1, 2020
Social Distancing

Denise is always a pleasure to work with. She makes it so easy!

Mar. 31, 2020
What a great time considering the circumstances

Billie was great! Even tho the Corona virus hit or state she still managed to brighten our days and see this thru

Mar. 31, 2020
Easy Peasy

Alicia is such a great wine guide. She is doing such a great job at this. I LOVE the wine. The on-line tasting was easy, and Alicia was always posting information to keep everyone informed. Also, I was the surprise hostess - even better yet. Thanks again!! Always a joy!