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Nine out of 10 Traveling Vineyard Guests would recommend attending a Traveling Vineyard wine tasting party. We’re thrilled, because after all, the best guest is a happy one! We love to hear that the passion we have for wine—and for providing you with an event that goes beyond the typical wine tasting—is making a positive impact in the world of direct selling.

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June 27, 2012
I've been to several tasting

I've been to several tasting parties and have hosted one myself. I have not been disappointed with any of the events. It's just a great way to get together with friends with a little wine and snacks. There have been some very good wines and some that aren't my prefered taste but that's all good!. I will host again and will continue to order wines with the traveling vinyard. Love the refreshing new concept of this party type.

June 27, 2012
Having been to many different

Having been to many different types of parties , this was by far the most fun event! I enjoyed trying some different wines and being educated at the same time. It was a great way to spend an evening!

June 27, 2012
This was a amazing experience.

This was a amazing experience. What a great way to get together with friends and enjoy a nice evening and sample some wonderful wines. It sure beats the purse, basket, beads, other type of “parties” I have had to “endure.” Thank you…….

June 26, 2012
About to host my 3rd

About to host my 3rd event in a few weeks. Always a great time! With so many wineries and types of wines out there, it's a fabulous way to test before you buy! And what fun!!! Wine, food and great friends in your own home atmostphere! Doesn't get much better than that!

Deb Erickson
June 26, 2012
This was both our first

This was both our first time hosting and our consultant's first party. The attendance exceeded our expectations; everyone had a great time. Connie was informative as well as entertaining. Every wine was delicious – making it difficult to decide what to order!

June 26, 2012
I hosted a tasting, largely

I hosted a tasting, largely to help out my daughter who is a new consultant. I've had poor experiences with home parties before. However, this one was so much fun and all my guests really enjoyed themselves. I appreciated the pairing ideas so that I picked up the best cheeses/snacks to go with them. I would definitely host again. And I really enjoyed the variety of wines to be tasted.

Kim DeVito
June 26, 2012
Scott was a great consultant

Scott was a great consultant and I enjoyed hosting my party an will definatly host again. Sampling different foods paired with the different wines was really a GREAT experience . My party was very large and I suggest 10 folks for a more intimate experience. :) Truly was a wonderful time.

Bev Montague
June 26, 2012
This was the 3rd wine

This was the 3rd wine tasting I've attended, all done by Faye, and all enjoyed by everyone. The diversity of the wines were well chosen and the foods suggested to go with them ALSO enjoyed by everyone. Faye is an informative and “interactive” consultant that makes all in attendance feel at ease. She makes it a fun night out for everyone from age 21 to 85…which is no small feat. I've always found at least 2-3 bottles to purchase at the wine events I've attended so far. Whether for myself and my husband (in particular, I like whites, he likes reds), or gifts for friends…and the accessories make great gifts as well !

Overall, a fun, “informative” and “delicious” night out !!!

June 24, 2012
This was the 2nd party

This was the 2nd party that we attended by consultant,Maureen. Both of them were entertaining and informative. We liked it so much, we are hosting one of our own! Definitely an easy way to relax and enjoy good wine and cheese/fruit with good friends!

June 23, 2012
This was truly a fun

This was truly a fun party. Very Interactive. Our consultant, Maureen, was wonderful. I am not a wine drinker, but The Traveling Vineyard had something for everyone and each of their unique tastes. I even found one I liked, TangleRose, and purchased it. Sampling different fruits and cheeses made a huge difference in how each wine tasted. I had no idea a wine tasting could be so much fun!