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Mary Beth
Mar. 24, 2013
The evening was so much

The evening was so much fun. The wines that were offered were fantastic. I'm not a big red wine drinker but the pairing with different foods changed my mind. I do wish that you had more of a variety of sweet wines and 100% Moscatos but I was told that your inventory changes each month, so I might get lucky next month. Thanks Cat Shaw for your wonderful job teaching how to really experience great wines. This is a phenomenal party and not just for women!!!!! If you love wine or want to learn more about it this is the party you need to go to.

Mar. 24, 2013
Julie was an amazing consultant!!

Julie was an amazing consultant!! We had a wonderful event, she made it so much fun and we learned so much from her!! I loved that she knew her wines so well, explained the process and answered every questionf without hesitation!! LOVED IT!

Bill Beaver
Mar. 21, 2013
Our hosts Donna and Joe

Our hosts Donna and Joe were wonderful! Very knowledgeable about the wines sampled. Offered and explained the food pairings and gave helpful advice translating how to pair the types of wines sampled with foods on your own. Also provided excellent tips on wine tasting as well as ordering ot and even consuming tips. . . swirling, letting the wine breathe, enjoying the full experience (bouquette, color, etc). All in all a great experience. Seemed as if everyone in attendance had an enjoyable time. I certainly did. Even though all four wines were not my “cup of tea,” experiencing each of them was worth my time.

Amber McLaughlin
Mar. 21, 2013
Attended my first wine tasting

Attended my first wine tasting a couple weeks ago and had a blast! Our consultant was Robin Owens and she was wonderful. I walked in knowing nothing at all about wine and left knowing the different steps of drinking wine and how to pair with the right foods! What more could you want than laughter, friends , great wine and food! Robin did a great job in making it fun and informative! Would definitely recommend having a tasting!!

Mar. 19, 2013
Shea has a wonderful personality

Shea has a wonderful personality n i learned alot about 4 types of wine. I'm already planning a summer wine tasting event.

Marianne E
Mar. 19, 2013
Was the perfect touch added

Was the perfect touch added to 2 other parties, making a three in one. Was pleasantly surprised at how much we were allowed to sample AND keeping the opened bottles afterwards. That just left my mouth watering and wanting more. What a great way to add class to a party!

Andrea M.
Mar. 18, 2013
I've hosted and been to

I've hosted and been to tastings in the past. However, I love that my close friend became a consultant. She presents a fun and wonderful tasting and makes all guests feel at home. The tastings I have been to at local vineyards are usually so stuffy that being yourself isn't considered appropriate. My consultant made it such a wonderful time and everyone had a great time!

Miss Dee
Mar. 17, 2013
Had my 1st wine tasting

Had my 1st wine tasting event 2 weeks ago, attended a friends tasting last night and both events were fun, educational and full of laughter. This is a new way to learn the art of tasting wine in your own home here in Michigan and it is so much more intimate. Dark chocolate is my favorite paring with Merlot if you are a Merlot wine lover.

Junili Arkema
Mar. 17, 2013
This was my first experience

This was my first experience with hosting an event like this and it was so much fun!!! My family and friends enjoyed every minute. Heather was a fabulous consultant and is very knowledgable. Thanks for such a great afternoon! I'll definitely host another party soon. :)

Jen D
Mar. 16, 2013
I didn't know a thing

I didn't know a thing about wine until I attended a tasting. Julie, our consultant, made us feel very comfortable from beginner (me) to the seasoned tasters! I even bought my first bottles of wine. If you want to know what this wine scene is all about and do fancy things with your glass at a restaurant have a tasting!