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Apr. 8, 2020
Best Wine Parties

I had an in house tasting party about two years ago with Mrs. Doreen and absolutely loved it! All my guest enjoyed themselves too. Lots of laughs and great wine! I just hosted an online party with my same awesome wine guide, due to the events going on right now, and enjoyed it just as much since I'm pregnant and wouldn't be able to do the tastings anyway. Highly recommend the traveling vineyard to anyone who just LOVES wine, like myself. You learn so much from your wine guide, and get to enjoy some fantastic wines!

Apr. 7, 2020
Best Party Ever!!!

This is not your typical "in home party"! We had a blast and our host, Lisa M, was hilarious and knew her stuff!! Most of our friends expected this to be just another pyramid scheme money grabbing thing, but everyone was so pleasantly surprised!!! No one ever felt guilty for not spending a certain amount or not being able to purchase the night of. Everyone walked away having learned something and finding a new wine pairing they weren't expecting to like or really dislike! The entire night was so much fun, I've already hosted one myself and attended another with my own 2nd party in the works. It's definitely something to do with your friends that's fun, informative and a great laugh! Plus, who doesn't like free wine?!?!?

Apr. 7, 2020
Online Virtual Party

I tried to host an online party with all the stuff going on now with not being able to have social gatherings. If it weren't for the way the economy was I'm sure I would have made out better at the party. But Morgan my wine expert was still as helpful as she could be.

Apr. 7, 2020

Rhonda is great. Such a sweetheart. And the wine is so good!

Apr. 6, 2020
Stay At Home Virtual Party

I hosted an online party to offer friends something fun to do while we are each in our homes. Jessica provided a fun and informative event! The detailed information shared about the wines, ideas for pairing and even some recipes were great.
The ideal party would include actual tasting, and I will have one of those someday in the future, but this party was so much fun to host! It was simple to invite friends, engage in posts and I earned some great wine!

Apr. 6, 2020
I love Traveling Vineyard

This is my second time hosting with Traveling Vineyard (and my 4th wine tasting experience) My wine guide Willie is very knowledgeable about the products and he is always friendly during tastings. It is truly a pleasure to work with him. I would definitely host again and recommend that if anyone is thinking about hosting and they haven't, they should! Great experience and great products!! Thank you!

Apr. 5, 2020
Social Distancing Host

My Wine Guide, Braden Wicks, talked with me about hosting an online (social distancing) event. I thought why not? No need to clean my house or prepare food. Well, it was a success and I love love my host perks (20% off bottles and a few free bottles). Braden was amazing advertising my event to my friends. Win win for everyone! Love Traveling Vineyard!

Apr. 4, 2020
First virtual wine tasting

My party went to the virtual since we are all locked down. I liked the regular party but this was fun too. Saw friend on the computer instead of at my house but we had a great time. Tish Todd is a awesome wine consultant. I have had several parties for her.

Apr. 3, 2020
First Online Event

I have been to many Tastings and have hosted a few in the past. This was my first online only event. Erin Rosa is always Fun and Informative. I learn something new each time I attend. That being said... She did not disappoint with the online event! Posting pictures and info about the wines how to pair sip and enjoy and her live videos were hilarious and informative! I’ll definitely do another !!!

Apr. 3, 2020
Virtual wine party

In these uncertain times, enjoying a glass of wine with dinner or after dinner has been a moment of relaxation for me or a moment of connection with my husband. I’m so thankful to be able to enjoy TV wines that I’m familiar with (thanks to Elaine) and to explore more in this clever format. Elaine shared great information In our virtual tasting about the wines and interesting suggestions for pairings. The virtual party format was a fun way to connect with family and friends also as we aren’t able to gather in person. I can’t wait for these new wines to arrive!