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would recommend attending a Traveling Vineyard tasting event. The best guest is a happy one! We love to hear that the passion we have for wine—and for providing our Hosts and Guests with an event that goes beyond the typical wine tasting—is making a positive impact in the world of direct selling.

were satisfied with the event they attended or hosted

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Annette Abbott
Jul. 7, 2020
Mystery Host

It was a surprise to be picked as a mystery host, but it was alot of fun!!

Jul. 5, 2020
Great experience!

I hosted a small wine party with a few friends and we had a wonderful time. Our wine guide, Missy, was knowledgeable throughout the whole experience. The whole group had a fun experience and the wine sells itself. I plan on hosting again?? Ordering was extremely easy! Thank you!

Carroll Snow
Jul. 3, 2020
Hosted a Wine Tasting Event

Great time working with Tish Todd, our Wine Guide for the event. Tish is very knowledgeable and shared with us how to drink the wines and what to eat with each of them. Tish. Is very funny and made all very comfortable and happy. Thanks for the gifts and making this a fun time for all.

Beth Hobbs
Jul. 2, 2020
Virtual Tasting

What a great way to meet with friends. Allie Smith was our taste instructor and made it so fun. Got to taste , talk and laugh with friends virtually. I good part was you could drink and NOT DRIVE! Well one good thing about quarantining. That's Allie. Oh and love the wine!

Jul. 1, 2020
Online Party was a hit!

I've had a few in-home parties and aside from not being able to sip the selection, this was so fun! I am looking forward to my selection of wines arriving and hosting an in-home party as soon as I am able!

Terri Sauers
Jul. 1, 2020
So much fun!

Because we are currently living in a pandemic, I can sometimes be difficult to try and do events like this. I was able to host a virtual winetasting with samples, and we had to tasting virtually, all from the comfort of our guests own homes. Samantha was an amazing hostess and I absolutely loved the food pairings with the winds! It made all the difference and was so much fun.

Krissi Yester Matos
Jul. 1, 2020
Great event

Had a great event. Crystal was very knowledgeable about the wine and the food pairings. Everyone had a great time.

LeAnna Rau
Jul. 1, 2020
Awesome wine selection with great information about each wine and it’s food pairing.

I totally enjoyed my wine tasting experience. I have tried wines I wouldn’t normally try. I discovered that a dry wine paired with the right food can be delicious.

Alyssa Maske
June 30, 2020
Fun & Easy to Host and shop

I hosted a virtual event and loved it! Our wine guide, Molly, was amazing and is so knowledgeable! She made the experience as interactive and as fun as the in person tasting events. Guests who were new to Traveling Vineyard and unsure of what to order were able to tell her what types of wine, even brand, they typically drink and she could pair them up with the perfect TV match! Add in the amazing host and guest rewards to top it all off, choosing to host and buy Traveling Vineyard is a no brainer!

Marlin McCord
June 30, 2020
An Experience to be Remembered

I decided to have a wine tasting to celebrate my 41st birthday and it was a wonderful choice as we were able to adhere to social distancing guidelines in a beautiful space, but the real star of the evening was our wine guide, Carrie Dean. Listening to her speak, you knew she was excited about the product, the company, and her ability to sale is second to none. I have a really rowdy group of friends and I can remember looking around the room at one point and everyone seemed to be captivated by her presentation of Cucharon. I chuckled a little because I have never been in room with these people and heard silence. After the tasting I had several of my friends thank me for the experience and they are now interested in hosting events as well.

Thank you Carrie Dean and Traveling Vineyard for a wonderful kickoff to my 41st birthay weekend.