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would recommend attending a Traveling Vineyard tasting event. The best guest is a happy one! We love to hear that the passion we have for wine—and for providing our Hosts and Guests with an event that goes beyond the typical wine tasting—is making a positive impact in the world of direct selling.

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Oct. 15, 2019
Hosted for Sarah’s first wine tasting

Sarah was our wine guide and it was her very first tasting although you would never know it. She was incredible and very professional. Loved the party and the fun along with knowledge and tasting. Fabulous time was had by all!!

Oct. 14, 2019
?? wine tasting

It was fun !!!
Amanda Laslo did a great job!!!

Oct. 14, 2019
I was a hostess

Everyone had a great time. The wine was very good and like that it was unique. Tanya was our consultant and did a great job, we all learned a few things!

Oct. 14, 2019
I was a hostess

My guests thought the total experience was great and delicious wines! Very easy to work with and lots of interesting information was learned.

Oct. 14, 2019
So Much Fun

Carol was the best wine guide! We learned so much from her and had the most fun ever tasting wines! I will definitely host another event and can’t wait to attend another one.

Oct. 14, 2019
Amazing experience

My guests that attended the wine tasting party had a fabulous time! The ladies that did the presentation were excellent and knowledgeable in the wines! I’m planning on holding another event for those that were not able to attend this past one! Loved it!

Oct. 14, 2019
What a Blast!!!

When I first heard about this from Carol Swenson, I thought "what a perfect idea"!!!! And I immediately planned an event with her! The logistics were great...however I did have some issues getting the invites to my invitees...lots ended up in spam/junk folders. Also, the host portal/interface was not as flexible and didn't have all the functionality that I would have liked. However, the party/event yesterday afternoon was FANTASTIC!!! I made 2 suggested food recipes to go with some of the wines...the pumpkin hummus and the sweet-and-salty feta!!! They were a hit!!! I got immediate feedback from my invitees that they loved the tasting along w/the food pairings!! We all had a wonderful time!

Oct. 14, 2019
Great night with friends and fun!

Jessica was awesome! The night was filled with knowledge and better understanding of the wines presented which were yummy along with the food pairings.I will do it again!

Oct. 14, 2019
More than a sales pitch

I’ve done it all - makeup, cookware, bedroom fun, candles.... this is not your typical home party event. It was about my guests and me. Kristin is a stellar representation of Traveling Vineyard. I honestly didn’t even know people were purchasing anything until she brought me her iPad loaded with my perks. I had a full menu and Kristin was timely, patient, and engaging while I get to feed my friends a belly full of love. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone curious about wine or who already has some knowledge and would like to share some know-how.

Oct. 14, 2019
So good, I hosted again!

These parties are so fun I scheduled my 2nd one ASAP! Loved being able to try some different wines!