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When I decided to become a Wine Guide, I was a brand new mom. Traveling Vineyard was an opportunity for me to meet new people, make some extra money, and learn more about wine. Two years later, I have found that it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! I’ve become part of such a wonderful community and have made so many amazing friendships. I can’t wait to see what the next two years bring.

Jenny O’Meara, Wine Guide

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Jan. 23, 2017

My 2 year journey of Traveling Vineyard has been amazing! I actually started because one of my colleagues from my day job said she joined while we were at day job sale blitz. All day long I just keep on asking her about Traveling Vineyard, because I could not believe there was an opportunity for me to actually make money will selling wine. Back then all I was doing was sitting on my couch and drinking wine.
Within 2 weeks I joined, I did not attend a wine tasting, did not listen in on a taste of an opportunity call, just jumped right in and I have not looked back since.
Although I am a turtle just added my first team member this year and I average about 10 tasting a year I love it. I have attended harvest and various regional meeting and I would not change a thing. Surprisingly it is not even the money that motivates me to be a wine guide (but extra money definitely come in handy) but the freedom and friendship are the number one reason. I cannot tell you how many new friends I have made in the past 2 years from wineguides, host and guest at tasting. In this new technical world, it is really great to actually meet new people and enjoy wonderful conversation with them and it is just a bonus to sell and teach them about wine.
Now I am looking on to the next chapter of growing my team and increasing my number of tasting and meeting more fabulous people as I help change the world on sip at time!

Jan. 23, 2017

When I first signed up, I thought, "well if it doesn't work out, I will have 10 bottles of wine". I NEVER thought I would make a decent amount of money monthly, have a team, customers that count on me and so many new friends. The wine guide life, it's the life for me. :)

Jan. 22, 2017

I am so glad I started doing Traveling Vineyard! I have been a stay at home mom for almost 6 years now and starting this business has been such a fun adventure! It's given me my own source of income allowing me to treat my kids and husband to more special things and has taken a great deal of stress off of those little things that come up and cost extra. It's also allowed me to have fun evenings out drinking fabulous wine without spending a bunch of money and has given me the opportunity to connect with friends and meet so many new people. I love all of these new connections I have made and the outpouring of positive feedback from my hosts and guests has given me a new level of confidence that leaves me feeling great. Looking forward to another amazing year here!!

Jan. 21, 2017

I just celebrated my two year wine anniversary!!!! I absolutely love the Traveling Vineyard and I have never looked back since joining. This past year I have had the great opportunity to grow my business and wine family. That is exactly what these people are to me…family. I have had the opportunity to make life long friends through just drinking wine.

I had the opportunity to attend Harvest for this first time this past year. I can’t even describe how amazing this trip was for me. I learned so much about my business and myself. By working my Traveling Vineyard business I was also able to stay and explore Denver for 5 days after Harvest. The Traveling Vineyard provided the financial freedom to allow me to do this.

The Traveling Vineyard also gave the financial freedom to take the most amazing trip of my life this past year. In October I was ale to take a solo birthday trip to Iceland for 9 days. It was the Flexibility and Financial Freedom of my business that allowed this trip for me. I will never forget this trip and will never forget the company that allowed me to be able to experience it.

Jan. 21, 2017

I am a Middle School teacher and a mother of two. I was looking for some way to make extra money and have a little time for myself. The idea of selling wine sounded like a smart move. I had no idea that I would learn so much, make new friends, and feel so proud of teaching others and seeing them grow in their wine experience. I'm more than happy with my decision a year ago, and I'm looking forward to things to come.

Jan. 21, 2017

Hi, we are Debra and Al Benish one of the first true husband wife teams working the business completely together. When we first heard about Traveling Vineyard, we thought it was too good to be true. No one recruited us, no one told us about what we should do to have a successful business (we signed up blind- never having been to a tasting) and certainly no one told me it would change my life! As I reflect back on the last two years in the business I can say I will never be the same. Yes, the wine is fantastic, the company itself super supportive and the money is nice too. But what you don’t envision when you agree to become a wine guide is the multitude of sincere friendships you will make and will last forever. From my always there for me Wine Momma, Lori Stryker to my accountability partners Stacy Isbel, Evan Trad and Milissa Anderson to members of our team Primo-Vino and the Cheerleaders and staff at World Headquarters; we treasure the opportunity of getting to grow in this wine world.
“Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle.”? Paulo Coelho

So thankful we drank the whole Traveling Vineyard bottle.

Jan. 21, 2017

Fun, Friendships, Flexibility, Fulfillment, Financial Reward. When I read these benefits Traveling Vineyard has to offer 1 year ago I thought well if I have to pick'd be Financial Reward. I wanted to make some extra cash to supplement my part time job. I never knew the other 4 Fs would shine so bright in this business!!'s WINE!! It's so much fun and the learning tools provided along the journey make it easy. I have the best time at tastings teaching and bringing amazing wine to people. Flexibility...I work when I want to! It truly allows me to work when I want to and from anywhere! Friendships...I've met some of the greatest people being a part of this business and the support shown to me by my teammates, wine mama, and on up the line is incredible. I immediately felt like part of a team and with directors, leaders, and even a CEO thats accessible being successful becomes easier!! Fulfillment...this business has filled my life and become so much more than a side gig. It has evolved into a career goal I hope to someday reach and with the incredible support, I have no doubt I'll reach it. I've rambled on so I'll finish. The most amazing part of all I've said...I get paid to do this!! Financial Reward started as a motivator to sign up..and has turned into to a perk of all the other amazing qualities The Traveling Vineyard has to offer. I hope to work this business for years to come. Thanks for being so great!!

Jan. 21, 2017

I am so glad I became a wine guide for Traveling Vineyard. It really is such a fun job. I am a full time teacher and mom of two young children. Traveling Vineyard allows me to take time for myself to have fun all while making money. I love the flexibility it offers and the wine is wonderful.

Jan. 20, 2017

I celebrated my 2nd WINEaversary with Traveling Vineyard on January 1, 2017!! Becoming a Wine Guide has been such an AMAZING gift, I gave to myself!! I love meeting new people, making friends, teaching & sharing about my passion, contributing to our family finances, working around my family's busy military life & schedule and earning trips to beautiful vacation destinations!! Most of all, I am PROUD of me!! I took a leap of faith!! I work hard and I have accomplished so much professionally in the past 2 years!! It feels INCREDIBLE!! Cheers to another FUN, FULFILLING, FLEXIBLE, FINANCIALLY REWARDING, & FRIENDSHIP FILLED year!!

Jan. 18, 2017

I became a Wine Guide for Traveling Vineyard in January of 2016. I was and still am the only Wine Guide in Fort Ashby, WV that I know of. I joined because I needed something that was going to give me a flexible schedule and still be able to make some money. Before I signed up to become a wine guide I was a preschool teacher at my daughters daycare center. My significant other travels with his work and we were only seeing him on the weekends. This was really starting to affect her the older she got. I quickly became desperate for something that would allow me and my daughter to travel with her daddy. I spent three months searching online for different ways that I could make money at home and finally after hundreds of searches I came across Traveling Vineyard. After checking them out for awhile I knew that it was meant for me. Not only does Traveling Vineyard give me the flexible schedule and financial freedom that I need, but I've also met some amazing people and have made many friends along the way. I couldn't be more thankful for finding this opportunity and I can't wait to see what else Traveling Vineyard brings my way.