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When I decided to become a Wine Guide, I was a brand new mom. Traveling Vineyard was an opportunity for me to meet new people, make some extra money, and learn more about wine. Two years later, I have found that it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! I’ve become part of such a wonderful community and have made so many amazing friendships. I can’t wait to see what the next two years bring.

Jenny O’Meara, Wine Guide
Joanne Maguire Mar. 22, 2021
I have been a wine guide now for 6 years….best decision I have made……great wine, fabulous friendships, wonderful and encouraging support not…
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I have been a wine guide now for 6 years….best decision I have made……great wine, fabulous friendships, wonderful and encouraging support not only from the company but wine family too! No matter how you decide to do your business you will always feel special!

REBECCA EMRICK Mar. 16, 2021

I love being apart of not only a great company with great products, but love the friendships I have made.

Carissa Paxton Jan. 11, 2021
After 3 amazing years with Traveling Vineyard it only gets better and better! They give us the best technology, highest quality wines…
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After 3 amazing years with Traveling Vineyard it only gets better and better! They give us the best technology, highest quality wines and amazing resources to help us succeed! I love my wine guide life!!

Cathy Jones Dec. 11, 2020

The best gig I ever came across! It’s provided extra income and of course delicious wine! Thank you TV!

Jaclyn Williams Sep. 18, 2020
“This last year has flown by and has been a ton of fun! I love all that I am learning and wish…
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“This last year has flown by and has been a ton of fun! I love all that I am learning and wish I would have jumped on board years ago! The Traveling Vineyard community is absolutely amazing and I feel blessed to be a part of it. Thank you for all that you do and I look forward to what the future holds with this amazing company! Cheers!”

Ziarra Link Aug. 12, 2020
I have loved every second so far of being a wine guide! All my events are so much fun and I have…
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I have loved every second so far of being a wine guide! All my events are so much fun and I have had the chance to meet so many wonderful people along the way. Also being able to watch my team grow and succeed has been so exciting!! Looking forward to many more years I just love this company ??

Judith Virzi May 27, 2020
What a great year it has been. I have learned so much about wine, pairings, and running my own business. Thank Traveling…
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What a great year it has been. I have learned so much about wine, pairings, and running my own business. Thank Traveling Vineyard! Looking forward to the next year.

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Julie Skogen
May 18, 2021

Wow! Today marks 8 years with the Traveling Vineyard! I am so blessed to have found this amazing company 8 years ago and to be able to quit my cut-throat Corporate America 7 Years ago! I have learned so much over these past several years and have grown both personally and professionally! I used to hate getting up in front of others and presenting anything, heck I even took an F on a couple of presentations in college lol! I realized that when you are doing something you love that it's really quite easy to get up in front of others and share what you love! I started off knowing nothing about wine and have learned so much through the fantastic training and education that Traveling Vineyard provides us! They it easy to teach others and keep it simple without any of the snootiness that can sometimes come along with the wine business! I have also been blessed to add so many amazing team members to my team over the years and help them grow as well! It is truly rewarding. Now don't get me wrong, I've had my share of downs too like demoting or not achieving everything I had planned to in the Harvest year, but ultimately I continue to learn and grow from my failures and mistakes and that is what is most important! Thank you to everyone who continues to believe in me and give me the support I need to keep going and growing! Cheers to many more years!

Gretchen Smutney
May 14, 2021

Wow, 2 years of being a wine guide with Traveling Vineyard and I have loved every step of the journey! (peaks and valleys). I became a wine guide because I wanted a little extra cash in my pocket. BUT the best part of the journey has been the friendships. Not only have I made new friends (fellow wine guides and guests from tastings), but I have rekindled friendships from highschool and college. On top of that, I have learned so much about wine. I love that I don't have to be an expert to share good wine and knowledge with people. And through my journey, my bestie, who only used to drink very sweet wines, now will try all wines! So glad I found Traveling Vineyard!

Catherine Bracey
May 10, 2021

My journey with Traveling Vineyard thus far has been incredible. I am thankful to Traveling Vineyard for opening up a world of opportunity for me and my family. The extra money helps me raise my 3 kids and gives me the ability to treat my kids to dinners out, days at the park, and so much more. It feels great being recognized for a job well done and TV makes me feel special. Marketing wine is fun and I have the flexibility I need to work my full time job, too. What I am most grateful for is the friendships I have made. Before I joined Traveling Vineyard I was a lonely, single mom. Now I have so many friends!!!! The friendships I’ve made are certainly the best!! I can’t wait to see what the next year brings!

Beth Backus
May 3, 2021

When I joined Traveling Vineyard 1 year ago I was temporarily out of work, grieving the loss of my father and in the midst of Covid! I joined the company on a whim not knowing really even what I wanted to do with it. I knew I liked wine and I knew that our area did not have A Wine Guide. But I also knew I am a pretty quiet and shy person. I started an online event immediately and it was very well received! I booked my first events and hit all 3 fast starts! I was so excited!
Traveling Vineyard provided excellent training that allowed me to feel confident enough to be successful. I absolutely love sharing wine tastings and the amazing wine. The company makes me feel appreciated and the family like atmosphere of the Wine Guide life is so uplifting!
It has literally changed my life. Not only has it provided extra income for my family and I’m no longer living pay check to paycheck but it has helped me gain so much self confidence. The business helped me fill a major void I had in my life. I truly have found fulfillment and friendship when I needed it most.
I am currently a Four Star Leader and am so close to promoting to Team Leader. I am so grateful to have found Traveling Vineyard.
I look forward to the future with Traveling Vineyard and crushing my goals!

Dawn Gilman
Apr. 29, 2021

4 years ago, I made one of the best decisions of my professional life. I started my venture as a Traveling Vineyard wine guide. I was immediately impressed in the training I was given, and the tools I was provided to do “my job”. The support I have received during my years has been incredible too! The personal growth I have achieved while I have been earning an income is amazing! My confidence and self-worth has sky rocketed, all because of a $179 investment I made in myself. I cannot wait to see what the next several years have in store for me!
Dawn Gilman

Tracy Farr
Apr. 29, 2021

This company has been so amazing and there so much support when I need it. I’m so glad to join this company when they offer so much for us guides like awards and earning wine and ok let’s not forget the free shipping offer for customers too on 6 or more bottles. I have made a lot of new friends because of Traveling Vineyards as well. Such an amazing company and I’m blown away about what i found out is to come!!!! I am so excited. Thank you!

Kye Thomas
Apr. 28, 2021

I have been wine guide 4 years now and have enjoyed it so much! It’s so nice to work for a company that stays fresh and real in leading the way for top notch wine and wine guides! With each year, the wine just gets better and better! Of course I’m my own best customer, as all wine guides should be!!! ?? ??
Thank you Traveling Vineyard for leading, teaching, caring and instilling passion that goes beyond the work.

??Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

Robin Berseth
Apr. 27, 2021

What an amazing journey I'm on with Traveling Vineyard. What started out as the intention of finding a little hobby where I could sample and learn more about wine and get a discount has turned into so much more! Everyone from the CEO aka Chief Grape Stomper to the Wine Guides, the Cheerleaders (best support team ever), all of the Leaders and the ENTIRE TEAM at Wine Headquarters...they are all fully involved and participate at a very high level. You are never alone, in fact the friendships soon turn into family and this wine community is beyond incredible. The motto we live by at Traveling Vineyard, "Work Hard, Be Kind" is near and dear to my heart. How can you not feel good when that's what you live by and are surrounded by others who share in those feelings. The financial reward has been a glorious bonus! As a young retiree searching for fulfillment and more in life...not only have I found the fulfillment, but being able to help with some of our household expenses through sharing wine with others?!?! That's simply amazing! Best decision ever!

Stefanie Kriner
Apr. 20, 2021

I just hit my one year anniversary and I could not be more excited to be a part of this fantastic team and company. I started in the midst of the pandemic and didn’t really have high intentions of growing my business into much more than a thing that I do here and there to make some extra money. Boy was I wrong. After a few events under my belt, my business just took off. I added a team member within the first few months, which I also had no plans of doing. I started booking more events, online and in-home. Next thing I knew I had 12 team members and promoted to Team Leader!
This company has provided me with the Flexibility of making my own schedule, since I am a busy single mom of three. It has allowed me to break out of my shell and become more comfortable speaking around other people and has allowed me to create great Friendships, with the hosts and guests that I meet, as well as the other wine guides! As a single mom of three, the company has also helped me with my Finances. Money to help cover daycare, dance class, and fun outings with my family! I am so happy to be a part of Traveling Vineyard and absolutely love the support and recognition that we get from our wine family!??

Amy Couillard
Apr. 19, 2021

April 2020 had us a month into lockdown/quarantine... you know... and I was so looking for something to look forward to in life. I am a very social person. I attended a friend's wine tasting with one of our mutual friends who was a Team Leader with Traveling Vineyard. Allie and I were good friends and at the end I knew I wanted to host so that I could "hang out" with my friends. At the end of our tasting, Allie asked me...again! be a wine guide. I never had any interest in direct sales/ marketing, but I needed something to get excited about and I figured the worst that would happen is that I would drink the wine. Well, here I am, a year later, LOVING it! I love the wines, learning about wines, sharing wines and making new friends. I have met so many wonderful people from this experience. I have also been able to do home improvements we have wanted to do for years, and my kids can do their activities. I really wish I could make this my full time gig, and maybe one day I will. But for now, this mom of 2, wife of 1 ??, full-time high school counselor is having a blast and planning to stay on this adventure as long as I can. Thanks Traveling Vineyard and Allie Smith for hooking us up.