Wine Guide Success Kit

The only box that matters Hey Mr. Postman, is there some success in your bag for me?

It’s rare that an entrepreneur is told to think inside the box, but bear with us for a moment. This box is only a symbol of what’s to come. When the wait is over, and it arrives at your doorstep, your journey as your own CEO begins. You rock your own schedule, make your own rules and determine your own pay.

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What’s in this awesome box?

Your Success Kit includes everything you need for your first two Tasting Events, including:

  • (2) 5-bottle Tasting Sets (shipped separately)
  • Tasting glasses and convenient carrying box
  • 6-bottle wine carrier
  • Business paperwork
  • Sommology Kit with tins and cards
  • Marketing materials including brochures
  • Wine accessories

Kit items subject to change

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