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What does life with Traveling Vineyard look like?

Life as a Wine Guide is different for everyone, depending on their goals, their families, and their other commitments. See for yourself.

Meet Our Wine Guides

Our Wine Guides come from all walks of life. They’re part-time, medium-time, full-time, and moonlighting. But no matter where they came from and how they approach the work, they all have a place in our family and our direct sales business now.

Their stories make us who we are, so take a read, connect and get inspired. We love our Wine Guides—you will too. And maybe you’ll find the perfect reason to become one yourself.

A Day In the Life

Every Wine Guide figures out a schedule that works for them, fitting their Traveling Vineyard tasks in around their other life obligations.

See how Rhonda makes Traveling Vineyard work around her full-time job, her dog-walking, her community involvement, and her Andy Griffith re-runs.

Or check out how Jonelle has transitioned from Traveling Vineyard as a side job into a full-time job that works around her family schedule.

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