How Direct Sales with Wine Works

How Does a Job as a Wine Guide Work?

The direct sales life with Traveling Vineyard is pretty simple and, thanks to our system of training and support, easy to dive right into. The key to overcoming your jitters is to remember that you’re never alone: not on your first day, not at your first tasting, not in your first month, not ever. We support you and your new life in direct sales with training, support, and tools.

Training & Support


The first thing that happens once you submit your interest is that you’re assigned to a leader in your region. Leaders are there to answer any of your questions. If they live close enough, you can shadow their events. If not, they can help connect you with someone nearby. They’ve been in your shoes, they’ve learned the ropes. They’re happy to pass on the knowledge.

Your leader will be with you throughout your time as a Wine Guide – even as you start to build your own team.

The Tasting Room

The Tasting Room is our online training center. You have instant and ongoing access to all of our training modules, which include introductions to our wines, instructions on building a team and growing a business, videos on how to conduct a tasting, and much more.


Our annual Harvest conference is designed for maximum enjoyment but also for targeted learning. Amid the dancing, the wine-tasting, and the costume competitions (oh yes!) are training sessions designed to help our Wine Guides advance their understanding of wine, of business development, and of entrepreneurship.

Regional Events

Team leaders also hold regional meetings to gather all the local Wine Guides. They provide hands-on training, address any concerns, and give you a chance to connect with your peers. Regional events are your chance to meet up with those who understand the challenges (and delights) of your little corner of the world.

World Headquarters

Our CEO calls himself the Head Cheerleader for a reason: the whole support team at World HQ loves watching you grow. We love our wines, but our favorite part of the day is seeing our Wine Guides achieve their dreams.

We’re here to answer any questions or concerns or to tweak things to make your lives a little easier, if we can.

Success Kit

Once you decide to sign up as a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide, we ship you your wine tasting Success Kit. Your kit costs $179.99 plus tax and shipping, and includes everything you need to launch your business with success, including:

  • 2 Tasting Sets of 5 bottles each – enough for your first two events
  • Tasting glasses and a carrying box
  • 6-bottle wine carrier
  • Business paperwork – order forms, start-up guide
  • Marketing materials – brochures and flyers
  • Wine accessories
  • Sommology Kit – a training program and cheat sheet all in one

That’s everything you need to do your job. You’ll have to periodically restock your order forms and your Tasting Sets, but that’s it.


Your Sommology Kit is the reason you don’t need to know anything about wine to get started as a Wine Guide. The Sommology Kit explains everything you need to know about wine in general, our wine in particular, and how to pair each wine with its perfect food.

Between Sommology and the online training program, you’ll soon learn everything you need to know to speak intelligently about wine – without having to be hoity-toity fuddy-duddy.

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