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So you like free wine and having fun, right? Great! We’ll get along just fine. With a Traveling Vineyard wine tasting event you get to taste free wine in the comfort of your home. The great thing about our tasting events is they aren’t stuffy or pretentious. It’s just you and your friends gathered with someone who likes wine as much as you.

Women At Wine Tasting Party
What makes a Traveling Vineyard wine tasting awesome
  • We bring the wine for free
  • Our wines are exclusive—you can’t get them anywhere else
  • We ship directly to you so the process is hassle free
  • Wines are exclusive boutique wines priced from just $14 – $29 per bottle
  • We appeal to both men and women—couples love to come together
  • You get to try wine before you order
  • We do all the heavy lifting from bringing the wine and glasses to helping you find food to pair

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