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When you enjoy Traveling Vineyard wines, we want you to feel good about what’s in your glass. From where our wines come from to how they’re made, we’re committed to bringing you the good stuff. Learn more about our Good Stuff Guarantee.

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At Traveling Vineyard, we make our wines simply and with love. Like you, we believe that what goes into our bodies matters—from how our wines are grown to how they’re made—and that’s why we’re committed to giving you just the good stuff. It’s our guarantee. We value the high standards set by the wine industry, and we never take shortcuts. Every wine goes through multiple rounds of independent lab testing and is made with the utmost care and precision to assure a quality product. We also strive to work with growers who practice responsible and sustainable farming that results in clean, award-winning wines from California to Chile—because we are dedicated to bringing you the highest-quality, head-turning wine at really happy prices.

Eco wines abstain from or when possible avoid using agrochemicals in the vineyards, production and cellar, and can be argued to be better for the planet, better for your health, and taste more distinctive.

Cucharon Red blend Argentina by traveling vineyard

2018 Cucharón, Malbec/Tannat/Petit Verdot, San Juan, Argentina

Our 2018 Cucharón, Red Blend comes from a high expertise grower and sustainable winery in the mountain foothills of San Juan, Argentina. Given winery’s pursuit of quality through agronomic innovation and commitment to sustainable practices, it’s no surprise that Cucharón earned a Double Gold Medal from the 2020 San Francisco International Wine Competition.

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We love finding and sharing ways to reuse your wine bottles and corks. That’s why we have a dedicated board on Pinterest filled with craft and DIY ideas. We’d love to see your upcycle projects! Tag us on Instagram so we can share your masterpieces.