Food and wine together

With our food and wine pairing tool, you have a sommelier in your pocket—and you’re ready to impress friends and family with perfectly paired food and wine every time. Select your bottle of Traveling Vineyard wine to view perfect food pairings and recipes.

Already have a dish in mind but need to know which bottle grab?
Pair by Food

Simply select the Traveling Vineyard wine you love from the menu, and you will open a collection of recipes and simple snacks that are perfect for the varietal and vintage you’ve purchased. Each recipe has been hand-selected by our sommelier who expertly matches flavor profiles so you can enjoy the ultimate food and wine experience. You can also access recipes when you scan the QR code on the back of each bottle!

SommologyDiscover the secrets of the food and wine world

The science behind food and wine pairing is simpler than you might think. At Traveling Vineyard, we love demystifying wine for everyday wine drinker. Our free, in-home wine tasting events allow you to experience wine pairing rules firsthand so you can choose the right wine for your own meals and create the perfect wine experience for your friends and family at home.

Here’s a sneak peek at the wine secrets you’ll discover with Traveling Vineyard:

  • Sweet loves heat. Pair your spicy foods with sweet or off-dry wines.
  • Dry rosé is more versatile than you think! It pairs well with hard, salty cheeses—and Thanksgiving dinner!
  • Wine and chocolate can be perfect partners. Cabernet Sauvignon pairs well with mint chocolate desserts!
  • If it grows together, it goes together. Pair your Italian dishes, like pizza or meatballs and spaghetti, with an Italian red wine.