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There will always be one thing that makes us better than any direct selling company, and that’s people like you. Our Wine Guides are the heart and soul of who we are, and that will never change. But we do have a few other reasons why we think you should consider joining us—take a peek.

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There are so many reasons to join!

Free In-Home Tastings

Our business model of free in-home tastings makes it easy to build your business big. After all, who doesn’t want to sample complimentary wine through a fun, educational tasting experience from the comfort of home?

Exclusive, Award-Winning Wines

Our exclusive wines, sourced from vineyards across the globe and right here in Australia, regularly receive high ratings from the World Wine Championships. So, we’re happy to vouch for the quality of the product, but there’s also the fact that direct selling wine is a brilliant business decision. Not only do your tastings give people a chance to sample the product before they purchase, but wine is a great industry to be in. It’s a consumable product that people love.

The 5 F’s

Many Wine Guides join for the financial reward of the wine business, but quickly discover the fun, friendship, flexibility and fulfilment that the Wine Guide Life has to offer. This opportunity is so much more than a paycheck—discover how this wine gig can change your world.

No Quotas, Minimums, or Inventory

You make your business what you want it to be, and World Headquarters does all the heavy lifting when it comes to shipping. So there’s no need to turn your basement into a wine cellar (unless you want to, for your personal use). Leave the wine storage up to us. And because this business is designed to fit your lifestyle, there are no sales quotas or minimums required—never, ever.

Happy Hosts – 98% Satisfaction

We’ve been rocking in the states for 10 years. Our Hosts there have become long-time customers and repeat Hosts because they love the experience of a Traveling Vineyard wine tasting and the unique wines. We have thousands of five-star reviews displayed proudly and publicly so Hosts and Guests can get to know what the experience is really like. We’re so excited to start spreading those happy wine moments in Australia!


Our unique wine and food pairing tool, Sommology, is a simple way for Wine Guides to demystify wine and share great tips with Hosts and Guests. Sommology will elevate the wine tasting experience, take the guesswork out of pairing and wow your Hosts and Guests every single time.

Wine Guide Discount

Our Wine Guides always enjoy a special 20% off Traveling Vineyard wines for their personal enjoyment–it is just one of the many perks the Wine Guide Life has to offer.

Future So Bright

Traveling Vineyard has over 5,000 Wine Guides across 38 states in the U.S., so you can rest assured we have something special to offer Australia where we’re just getting started. When you join the adventure you will be taking advantage of a huge ground floor opportunity for growth and success in your region.

Wine Guide Tribe

When you join Traveling Vineyard, you gain a dedicated, compassionate and supportive tribe. From your leaders and team members to the close-knit team at World Headquarters, you will know you’ve found a great home with us. We’re committed to being authentic, transparent and here to support you.

We’re different, and we love it

Group of friends doing a wine tasting

Every direct selling company is a little different. Different products, different requirements, different environments. And maybe we’re a little biased, but we think Traveling Vineyard is the best of all possible direct selling worlds: we have a great model, a great product, and excellent endorsements from thousands of Wine Guides and happy Hosts.

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