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Traveling Vineyard is so much more than wine. Life as a Wine Guide is different for everyone depending on goals, family life and other commitments. The Wine Guide life is a collection of powerful stories of every day Wine Guides that have changed their world—through dedication, commitment and this really great wine gig. This business changes lives and that’s why we are here.

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When I say that Traveling Vineyard is so much more than wine, it truly is. You find your purpose, you find your family, and it’s just so much more than wine.

Kiersten Ray-Kuhn

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Discover your purpose with a business in a bottle

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Our Wine Guides have created a culture of friendship that is built on the foundation of a positive and supportive community. When you join Traveling Vineyard, you join an amazing group of entrepreneurs that will lift you up and cheer you on. Great ready to meet your new best friends for life.

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Your Traveling Vineyard wine business lets you determine your own schedule without sacrificing the things that are important in your life. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mum or balancing a full-time job, when you’re the boss—you’re in control.

Mountain Peaks

When you sign on with Traveling Vineyard, you won’t just get a great home-based wine business—this opportunity is more than just a paycheck. Whether it is recognition for your achievements, the opportunity to learn something new or carving out some “me time”—selling wine is so much more than a paycheck.

Financial Reward

Maybe you’re interested in earning extra spending money, or perhaps your looking to replace a full-time salary. Whatever the case—it feels pretty good to earn real income doing something you love. And the best part is—you determine how much you make based on your personal goals, dedication, and commitment to your business and how it fits your life.

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You will laugh and smile more than you ever thought possible sharing (and sipping) wine with the world. Dream jobs do exist—and we have the proof! You won’t believe how many people will ask you, “Wait, you get paid to do this?”


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Our Wine Guides come from all walks of life. They’re part-time, medium-time, full-time, and side hustling. But no matter where they came from and how they approach the work, they all have a place in our family and our direct sales business. Their stories make us who we are! Take a read, connect, and get inspired. We love our Wine Guides—and you will, too. Maybe you’ll find the perfect reason to become one yourself.

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