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Turn "paid vacation time" into a LUXX Getaway How many jobs let you achieve an all-expense-paid trip* each year?

So most jobs give you some line about “two weeks paid vacation.” Blah, blah, blah. Not us. Direct sales job benefits with Traveling Vineyard go a little farther, literally. We don’t just pay you to take a vacation – we pay for your vacation, and a LUXX one at that.

We’ve named our incentive trip achievement the LUXX Getaway for a reason. Our LUXX wine is our more luxurious wine. And shouldn’t your hard-earned vacation be just as luxurious?

All you have to do is grow your business. We take care of the rest. We’ve gone to some pretty incredible places in the past years – from Aruba to Hawaii and beyond.

And, you even have the opportunity to earn the trip for someone else. So if you want to work from home and get the opportunity to earn a vacation while doing it, we’ve got your ticket right here.

* Achievement of the LUXX Getaway is dependent upon skill level and significant time commitment, not all active Wine Guides will achieve the LUXX Getaway. In 2014, less than 2% of active Wine Guides achieved the LUXX Getaway Incentive Trip qualification.

In the four years I have been with Traveling Vineyard, I have earned every LUXX Getaway. During these trips, you feel like a rock star while having the time of your life! I will never miss one.

Heather Kes


2017 landed our Wine Guides in beautiful Cancun, Mexico. Where to next?
Celebrate your success at Casa de Campo in Dominican Republic

So you’re a Wine Guide rockstar? We can’t wait to see you in the Dominican Republic. This year, LUXX Getaway achievers will spend four nights in a luxurious all-inclusive oasis at the Casa de Campo, La Romano.

More than a paid vacation, this will be five days of fun, friendships, and fulfillment. It will be a chance to hear what others are doing while chilling in the hot tub or to join another achiever on an excursion and learn all about how they achieved this getaway as a benefit of their direct sales job. Grab your sunscreen and start earning.

It’s R&R meets BFFs and team building all in five glorious days in the sun.
White sands, fun and friendship

Last year we took our trip achievers to the beautiful Riviera Cancun, Mexico. And while we sat among the stunning beaches a funny thing happened. Yes, we kicked back. And yes, a glass or two of wine was consumed. But in the end, we learned a lot about our teams, our friends and our business. That’s part of our #wineguidelife.

Become besties overnight

Everyone knows the only way to become besties is to spend a little R&R together. Throw in some drinks with little umbrellas, plenty of sunshine, and a late night of chatting until the sun comes up and suddenly that other Wine Guide from across the country is no longer just a face but a true blue. And while it sounds like all fun, any great business owner will tell you business is all about relationships – and learning when to recharge.

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Start earning your LUXX Getaway from the moment you sign up.

I was beyond words when Rick called me … Aruba was AWESOME… I was able to sit and visit with oldies and newbies and pick their brains about what works for them and how they achieved their success.

Sally Grams


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