Giving back with wine 

A vineyard is only as strong as its vines. We make it a point to support causes that have directly impacted those within our Wine Guide community. We’re proud to give back with charity wines specially crafted and designed to raise funds and awareness for these causes, and we thank you for being part of that effort. 

Rayado for Rebecca

Our Rayado Cabernet Sauvignon has the distinction of being Traveling Vineyard’s flagship charity wine. It was originally launched in 2014 in honor of Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide Paigeann Mapley-Brittle who lost her battle with breast cancer in 2013. At that time, we did not know the wide-ranging impact this label would have, or that it would come to represent the beautiful life and legacy of another Wine Guide and friend, Rebecca Nadler, who lost her battle with breast cancer in November 2019. We dedicate this vintage to Rebecca, and we give with love $1 from the sale of each bottle of Rayado to Living Beyond Breast Cancer.

Some things we worry about are not really that important … The only things that matter are you’re happy, you like yourself, you’re not hurting anybody, and you’re being a positive person. What matters is you have people who love you and whom you love. And family is number one. 

Rebecca Nadler

Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Living Beyond Breast Cancer‘s (LBBC) mission is to connect people with trusted breast cancer information to a community of support.  National conferences, monthly  webinars, regional  community meetings, the  Guides to Understanding Breast Cancer and a toll-free  Breast Cancer Helpline are just a few examples of the services that are provided, always at little or no cost. Learn More about LBBC. 

More than 2.8 million women are living with a history of breast cancer. 

 According to the American Cancer Society, “about 1 in 8 U.S. women (about 12%) will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime.” This is a statistic that hits home for our community. In fact, the Rayado label was inspired by Wine Guide Paigeann Mapley-Brittle who battled breast cancer multiple times before losing that battle in 2012 at the age of 42. Our goal with Rayado is to support women and families as they endure the impact this disease has on their lives. Through LBBC, we know we’re helping provide critical educational and outreach for these families. Rayado launched in 2013 and has since raised $94,546 for Living Beyond Breast Cancer. 

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American Brain Tumor Association

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The American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA) is the nation’s oldest nonprofit organization dedicated to brain tumor education, support, and research. Forty-five years ago, in 1973, the ABTA was founded by two mothers determined to find answers that, at the time, were not yet available. Since then, the ABTA has funded more than $30 million in brain tumor research and now reaches a national audience, providing educational and support resources. Learn More about ABTA 

Over 700,000 Americans are living with a brain tumor today.

Bella Mente was first inspired by Ted Bohnert, husband of Wine Guide Lori Stryker, and all those who’ve been impacted by brain tumors and brain cancer. Ted was diagnosed in 2014. Within 10 months, he lost his life to this devastating disease. But during his battle, Ted volunteered to participate in as many phase zero experimental clinical trials and research programs as he could, knowing that although his involvement would not benefit him, it could save others in the future. In support of Lori, we wanted to continue Ted’s fight. Bella Mente was first released in 2015 and has since raised nearly $120,000 to support ABTA. 

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National Military Family Association

Sky Blossom Charity Wine National Military Family Association

The National Military Family Association (NMFA) honors our nations heroes and the families who proudly stand behind them. NMFA is the “go to” source for Administration Officials, Members of Congress, and key decision makers when they want to understand the issues facing our families. Through the support and programs they provide, and their respected voice on Capitol Hill and with the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs, NMFA always looks out for the families who stand behind the uniform and for those who serve. Learn more about The NMFA.

Military families are relocated every 2 to 3 years. The unemployment rate for military spouses is 24%.

Traveling Vineyard’s Wine Guide community has a strong connection to military life, from veterans who are now Wine Guides to military spouses who have been able to earn income with a job that travels with them. We proudly support The NMFA in their mission to give back to those who give so much. Most recently, we were honored to send Tessa Fulmer, an Air Force military spouse, back to school to complete her master’s degree in education.

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