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Sharing great wine with the world while helping our Wine Guides reach their dreams.

In 2001, Rick Libby was charged with conceptualizing a new way to market wine for Phoenix Vintners, a company that had been selling wine via mail-order catalog. After attending a Pampered Chef party for a family friend, he wondered, “If this works well for kitchenware, why not wine?” So, inspired by the party plan model used in direct selling, Rick envisioned a unique business model that would bring the authentic winery experience into living rooms across the country with exclusive high-quality, globally sourced wines marketed by a network of passionate, energetic, independent wine consultants.

Every Wine Guide has an incredible story—what we call a ‘why’ story—about what inspires them to achieve their personal and financial goals with Traveling Vineyard. When I hear all these wonderful stories, it inspires me and reminds me of exactly why Traveling Vineyard is so special. Helping others achieve their dreams is OUR ‘why.’

Rick Libby, Chief Grape Stomper
Chief Grape Stomper Rick Libby

Mission to make dreams happen

As Chief Grape Stomper and Head Cheerleader, Rick’s mission was twofold. First, to demystify wine for the everyday wine drinker by teaching people how to enjoy wine, how to select the right wine for them, and  how to  pair wine with food . Second, to support budding entrepreneurs as Wine Guides and help them change their worlds with wine. Rick’s concept replaced the mail-order catalog and became Traveling Vineyard, the first  wine direct sales company of its kind. In 2010, Rick purchased the company and became Chief Grape Stomper and Head Cheerleader, growing our Wine Guide community from hundreds to thousands and building a hardworking headquarters team in Ipswich, Massachusetts, all 100% committed to the mission.

Traveling Vineyard is a thriving community of over 5,000 Wine Guides in  39 operating states  who have discovered the financial reward, fun, friendship, flexibility, and fulfillment of the  Wine Guide Life. Our motto is “Work hard. Be kind.” This is a family credo passed down to Chief Grape Stomper Rick Libby by his parents, and one that has been embraced by our community. From our team at world headquarters building best-in-class business tools to the Wine Guide in Ohio who is building a brighter future for her family with her home-based business—we’re driven by kindness and a responsible, respectable work ethic. We’re changing direct selling and we’re changing how people enjoy wine. Most importantly, we’re changing lives—all because of  great wine.


Supporting you every sip of the way

This wine gig really is the best job ever—and we love to shout it from the vineyards (and from our seaside offices in Ipswich, Massachusetts). At world headquarters, we believe the best ideas come from our Traveling Vineyard community, and we never make a decision unless it’s the right one for Wine Guides and wine lovers. It’s that simple. We love supporting you every sip of the way!

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