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Each of our Wine Guides are independent, small business owners sharing their love of wine through virtual wine tastings, in-home tastings, personal wine shopping, and so much more. Our 5 F’s—fun, flexibility, friendships, fulfillment, and financial rewards are a fundamental part of who we are and how our Wine Guides shine every day. In this blog series, we will be featuring different Wine Guides and highlighting their favorite of the 5 F’s. In our last installment, we’ve asked our community to highlight one of our essential elements: financial rewards.

Wine Guide Testimonials

Robin Berseth

Robin Berseth

Team Leader | Arizona

“After taking early retirement to be more available to my growing family, I use my financial rewards for some of the “fun” stuff, while my husband continues running a major construction firm that provides for our main expenses. Some recent expenses I’ve been able to provide are planning a weekend getaway for my family to visit the Polar Express, pay for athletic fees and equipment to watch my son’s football team go to the playoffs, go camping with my grand-babies, and so much more! In a nutshell, I get to make memories and give back with my financial rewards and live my very best life!”

Janet Wheeler

Janet Wheeler

Wine Guide | Arizona

“I have a passion for art and crafting, and it can be quite an expensive habit. My new wine income has been a great benefit! I no longer have to feel guilty when I’m walking through Michael’s filling up my basket with all my crafting goodies! The best part is how the “F” for fun is in the forefront. To have so much fun making money is an absolute treat!”

Leticia Todd

Leticia Todd

One-Star Leader | Nevada

“Sometimes the financial aspect of a job is not the primary goal. As was the case for me when I joined Traveling Vineyard almost 4 years ago. However, life happens. Like many, my husband and I were caught in the 2020 pandemic in some sort of financial disarray, but Traveling Vineyard sales carried us through! Flash forward to 2021 and my husband and I had some more financial things pop up, but guess what? We survived! Why? Because of Traveling Vineyard! Since the waters have calmed, we are now able to use my Traveling Vineyard financial benefits for some monthly payments! Having fun and earning supplemental income from Traveling Vineyard has definitely given me the ability to push back and manage life the way I want.”

Jacqueline White-Tolefree

Jacqueline White-Tolefree

Two-Star Leader | Texas

“I use my supplemental income for various expenses, but mainly gift giving! There are so many people in my immediate circle of friends that have birthdays in the same month, or every month, so it’s rewarding knowing I’m able to make their day a little more special with a gift. Knowing I don’t have to dip into my family budget makes being a Wine Guide so much more fun and enjoyable. The added benefit is I love wine and I get to share it with those I care about.”

Mary Speight

Mary Speight

Two-Star Leader | California

“This year, my financial rewards have helped in so many ways. Usually I use my Traveling Vineyard paycheck to put gas in my car, or for money towards a trip. During July last year, my niece was getting married in Michigan. I was able to put my Traveling Vineyard money I made towards that trip. My marketing fees I earned for November and December helped to pay for Thanksgiving dinner, and also helped pay for Christmas presents. I’ve set up a financial goal every month, and usually all my marketing fees go towards that goal. This is something I started in July last year. I’m not always consistent, but it is helpful to have a real tangible visual aid. Traveling Vineyard has definitely been a blessing in disguise.”

Caryn Myers

Caryn Myers

Two-Star Leader | Tennessee

“When I first started with Traveling Vineyard almost 6 years ago, my goal was to pay off a hefty car loan. Since then, I have incrementally paid off that car! So now I get to use my “wine money” for special outings, including a monthly date night with my husband. He deserves it too, as he’s the biggest supporter of my business!”

Carol Houck

Carol Houck

Team Leader | North Carolina

“I use my supplemental income from Traveling Vineyard to support a local dog rescue in central North Carolina, Caring Hearts for Canines. It’s how I can support the pups without affecting my retired life. We are able to buy dog food for the rescue, help pay for vet and medical bills, pay for gas as we transport dogs to and from the rescue and to adopters, contribute to the rescue’s spay and neuter program and most importantly, we do not need the rescue to give us any supplies as we foster dogs waiting for their forever homes.

To date, we have fostered 100 dogs and they have all been supported from my Traveling Vineyard income. In addition to paying for what the rescue needs, I talk about how my Traveling Vineyard income supports the rescue at every wine tasting! Some of my guests are now volunteers at the rescue, some have adopted from the rescue, some are now donors of the rescue, and all are aware of this local amazing place. Because of Traveling Vineyard, I am able to provide a much needed, kind-hearted service to my community – helping dogs find their home! It’s my passion and I love it!”

Becoming a Wine Guide with Traveling Vineyard

An essential part of who we are is our 5Fs: flexibility, friendship, fulfillment, financial reward, and fun! Many Wine Guides join for the financial reward of the wine business. However, they quickly discover the fun, friendship, flexibility and fulfillment that the Wine Guide Life has to offer. Our Wine Guides are the heart and soul of who we are, and that will never change. 

Should we talk about the wine? Our business model of free in-home tastings makes it easy to build your business big. After all, who doesn’t want to sample complimentary wine through a fun, educational tasting experience from the comfort of home?

Our exclusive wines, sourced from vineyards across the globe, regularly receive high ratings from competitions. So, we’re happy to vouch for the quality of the product. There’s also the fact that direct selling wine is a brilliant business decision. Not only do your tastings give people a chance to sample the product before they purchase, but wine is simply a great industry to be in because it is a consumable product.

There will always be one thing that makes us better than any direct selling company, and that’s people like you. Are you ready to explore the Wine Guide life? Click here for more information and join a company that puts you first.

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