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Wine Guide and Guest Blogger, Ashleigh Campbell is taking themed wine tastings to a whole new level with her favorite TV show: Friends. Ashleigh has selected some of her favorite Traveling Vineyard wines to go along with her favorite moments from the show. Could you BE any more excited?

I love Friends and have seen every episode, countless times. So putting together a Friends themed wine tasting has been on my bucket list for years. 2022 has started, and now I’m finally doing it! Wine, food and Friends – it doesn’t get much better than this.

Jitterbug, Sauvignon Blanc

Jitterbug, Sauvignon Blanc

Whenever I see this dancing label, it always reminds me of Monica and Ross’s routine from “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rocking Eve”. You can catch this hilarious scene in Season 6, Episode 10, “The One with The Routine“. Pair Jitterbug with a delicious quiche – I would suggest a ham and cheese filling. Just be sure you don’t pull a Monica and lose your fingernail in the mixture!

Perfect pairing: Quiche Lorraine Bites

Three Hearts, Fizzy White Wine

Three Hearts, Fizzy White Wine

Our fizzy, fruit forward Three Hearts is a Prosecco style wine that matches Phoebe’s bubbly personality. The three hearts design on the label reminds me of her brother’s triplets that she gave birth to in the show. Never forget: “Chandler’s a girl! Chandler’s a girl!” Pair this wine with this triple-chip cookie recipe from Phoebe’s grandmother’s French grandmother, Nestlé Toulouse (if you know, you know!).

Perfect pairing: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hot Ticket, Shiraz

Hot Ticket, Shiraz

Viva Las Gay-gas” starring Chandler’s dad, Helena Handbasket, is the hottest ticket in town. Hot Ticket is the perfect wine for selection number 3 in our Friends wine tasting. This sultry red pairs nicely with macaroni and cheese – the only thing Chandler will eat for Thanksgiving. Try these Mac & Cheese balls for an easy pairing.

Perfect pairing: Mac & Cheese Balls

Avincerre, Marche Rosso

Avincerre, Marche Rosso

How you doin’?” Pretty good with some Avincerre in my glass! Avincerre is an Italian red blend that I’m sure would be Joey approved. I mean, it pairs amazing with pizza, need I say more? Order yourself a Joey Special (two pizzas, of course) and pop the cork on this delicious wine!

Perfect pairing: Pepperoni Pizza

Taffeta, Sweet Red

Taffeta, Sweet Red Blend

I hear “Taffeta” and I immediately see Rachel in her bubblegum pink bridesmaid dress – hat and all. Lucky for Rachel, Taffeta Sweet Red Blend pairs perfectly with both dessert and meat dishes. So grab your ladyfingers, jam, custard, raspberries, beef sautéed with peas and onions, and whipped cream, and make that “traditional English trifle”. For a more pleasing version, check out the real recipe below.

Perfect pairing: Rachel’s Updated Trifle

Oh. My. God. How fun does this themed wine tasting sound? Schedule your own Friends or YOUR favorite TV show themed wine tasting today! Contact your wine guide now to start planning. Cheers!

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