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New Years is always an exciting time full of new beginnings, new memories, and new dreams. We’re saying goodbye to 2021 and hello to 2022 with guest blogger and Wine Guide, Leah Johnson. Read on for Leah’s favorite New Year’s Eve wine pairings.

My favorite part of the calendar year is New Year’s Eve celebrations! You can always be sure there is wine available if I am in attendance! Let’s talk some perfect pairings for all of your beginning of the year events. Don’t worry, staying home in jammies with the kids counts too!

Three Hearts, Fizzy White Wine

Three Hearts, Fizzy White Wine

All New Year’s Eve events need some bubbles! Personally, I love a dry white sparkling and we just released our first ever with Traveling Vineyard! Three Hearts comes in a beautiful, translucent bottle with delicious sparkling white wine that pairs perfectly with so much. If you’re anything like me, I’d start the night with a glass of this fizz and a spicy tuna tartare crostini!

Chiacchierone, Catarratto

Chiacchierone, Catarratto

The next bottle I would open is our Chiacchierone, Catarratto. This refreshing white wine will pair perfectly with your appetizer spread. Everything from hummus to caprese skewers to baked brie to feta cubes. Is this wine a little acidic for you? Don’t worry, grab some food with a lemon base and it will help smooth out the acidic profile similar to the food pairings!

5 String, Petite Sirah

5 String, Petite Sirah

When it’s time to cut that beautiful steak, because of course a fancy New Year’s Eve party calls for a nice piece of beef, you should have a glass of 5 String, Petite Sirah to enjoy with it. The grippy tannins and good acid in this rich red wine balance the rich qualities of fatty foods, like a steak. I would personally try a blackberry sauce on top, using some of the 5 String to really have the flavor profile pop.

Fissata Red

Fissata Red

Dessert is an all-out moment for New Year’s Eve because when you are celebrating, you cannot deprive yourself! Everyone has their favorites, but rounding out your meal with a little vanilla ice cream and chocolate covered strawberries would be a great way to finish the night. Try Fissata Red in a glass or just pour it over vanilla ice cream and you have a great way to finish out the night!

Fissata Blonde

Fissata Blonde

Traditionally, champagne is the go-to beverage to toast with at midnight. However, I like to switch it up. My go-to is always Fissata Blonde. It has some sweetness and a little bit of effervescence, making the final glass of the evening a “bonus” dessert!

How do you celebrate New Year’s Eve? Let your Wine Guide know so they can help you pair your wines up and get ordered in time! Cheers to a wonderful 2022.

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