Nothing screams Halloween more than themed treats and loads of candy! We’ve gathered some of our favorite spooktacular Halloween wine and candy pairings for the perfect wine tasting experience. Bone appetit!

Red Wine Pairings

Wine connoisseurs and new wine lovers alike know that mint chocolate and Cabernet Sauvignon were “mint” to be together. Delight your palate with the refreshing flavors of mint and our full-bodied Lazy Lab Cabernet Sauvignon. Pair with a simple Peppermint Patty, handful of Junior Mints, or get creative with a mint chocolate Rice Krispies treats.

mint chocolate and lazy lab

Halloween just isn’t complete without a peanut butter cup. Complement the richness of peanut butter with a bold, acidic wine like our Sky Blossom Red Blend. The bold blend of Syrah and Tempranillo in this wine create the perfect pairing for a sweet and salty moment that is all treat, and no trick!

peanut butter cups with sky blossom

White Wine Pairings

Candy corn might be the most controversial Halloween treat there is. If you’re a hater of this bright treat, you might change your tune when you experience them with our Steeple Street Chardonnay. The buttery vanilla notes from a classic Chardonnay complement that signature polarizing vanilla candy corn taste.

candy corn with steeple street

Sweet loves heat, but sweet also loves sweet! Pair our semi-sweet Beeline Muscat of Alexandria, with sweet gummi candies of any kind, from Jujubes to Gummi Bears, and you’re in for a treat. If you’re looking for a fun night in, try pairing different fruit flavors to see which one is the ultimate pairing.

gummies with beeline

Our semi-sweet Pajama Drama Malvasia Bianca is the perfect pairing for all you candy apple lovers out there. The tartness of the apple and its thick sugary coating are the perfect antidote to the sweet, peachy flavors of Malvasia Bianca. If you’re more of a caramel apple fan, don’t worry, this wine pairs perfectly with those, too. Try a candy apple bar or dessert board with apples, different sweet dips, and sprinkly toppings like nuts, jimmies, and chocolate chips. (Dark chocolate lovers will enjoy pairing with our Desvia Tempranillo!)

candy apple with pajama dram

Dessert Wine Pairings

Fissata Red with its bubbles and sweetness is so versatile with other sweet treats that it will go with any of your favorite Halloween treats. Grab your trick-or-treat bag, a bottle of this sweet red, and sample a little of everything while you sip. Our personal favorite? Anything milk chocolate! From M&Ms to Hershey bars to our personal favorite Twix, you’ll unwrap bliss every time with this pairing.

fissata red halloween pairing

Fruit-flavored candies like Starburst and Skittles range from lemon to strawberry and everything in between, and all of these fruit flavors pair perfectly with our Double Date Sweet Rosé. The sweet watermelon and red berry notes of this wine match the burst of flavor in every bite. Plus, this customer favorite pink drink is a crowd-pleaser.

fruit chew with double date

Keep it spooky this Halloween season. Tag us in all your Halloween pairings on Instagram and Facebook. Want more food and wine pairings? Check out Traveling Vineyard’s easy peasy Sommology tool to help you pair our wines with great recipes, or search based on what you’re cooking to find the right wine selection.

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