Eat, drink, and give thanks. Whether you’re celebrating with family or friends, Thanksgiving is not complete without wine. While there’s so many delicious varietals, it’s hard to narrow down which selections are best for your turkey day enjoyment. We’ve put in the hard work and selected our must-have Thanksgiving food and wine pairings for this delectable celebration. Let’s dig in.

Perfect Poultry Wine Pairings

Gobble, gobble. Go big with turkey or keep it casual with roast chicken. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

turkey and la screaming goat pairing

Is there anything more quintessentially Thanksgiving than turkey? Pair your bird with our 2018 La Screaming Goat, Gewürztraminer. This spicy white is the perfect complement to the richness of your roasted turkey.

roast chicken & bella mente pairing

Okay, we get it, roasting a whole turkey can be overwhelming. If you’re keeping it simple this Thanksgiving, pair our 2018 Bella Mente, Pinot Grigio, with your roast chicken. The brightness of this white will bring life to your flavorful, rich chicken.

Side Dish Wine Pairings

Get stuffed. If you’re like us, Thanksgiving is all about the sides. Dig into your turkey day dreams with the perfect pairing.

stuffing & moto rouge pairing

This carb-o-licious side is a staple for Thanksgiving. Give your palate an adventure with our 2018 Moto Rouge, Nebbiolo. It’s the perfect sip for a savory side.

green bean casserole & calamity sue pairing

Okay, we had to throw in something green — even if it’s covered in crispy onions and butter. This rich veggie dish is best complemented by an off-dry wine companion. Try it out with our 2017 Calamity Sue, Riesling.

mashed potato & bright eyed bird pairing

It doesn’t get any butter than this—mashed potatoes that is! Eat this fluffy, satisfying side with our Bright Eyed Bird, White Blend, for a velvety pairing you won’t forget.

candied yams & pajama drama pairing

The best part of Thanksgiving is that there are no rules. Yams with sugar and marshmallows? Sure! Why not? Pair this sweet and creamy side with an equally sweet wine—our 2018 Pajama Drama, Malvasia Bianca. The sweet, fruity flavors from this pairing will have you going back for seconds.

Thanksgiving’s tartness has arrived! Pair this sweet and sour side with our 2018 Small Hours, Zinfandel. The juiciness of this red will round out the tartness of the cranberries.

Sweet Pumpkin Pairings

Let’s give ‘em pumpkin to talk about. You can’t wrap up your Thanksgiving feast without pumpkin desserts. Find a little room for a sweet ending.

pumpkin trifle & fissata pairing

Pumpkin, whipped cream, and cinnamon—we’ll take two! Wrap up your festivities with this pumpkin trifle and our Fissata Red, for a fizzy and fabulous finish.

pumpkin pie & pebble pairing

This is what you’ve been waiting for—Pumpkin. Pie. All your Thanksgiving pie-in-the-sky dreams are coming to fruition. Pair your pie with our Pebble, Viognier for a show-stopping finish to Turkey Day.

The final word on wine for the bird

Okay, so now that you know which wines were made for your Turkey Day faves, it’s time to reveal the wines that are versatile enough to cover all the bastings, er … bases. Our best picks for Thanksgiving? Choose a Syrah or Zinfandel for red lovers, and choose a Viognier or a Gewürztraminer for white lovers. Now, take a sip to de-stress, and then prepare to impress. You got this!

Trying one of these delicious Thanksgiving food & wine pairings? Share your photos and stories with us on social! Tag us in your Thanksgiving festivities @travelingvineyard. Gobble, gobble!

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