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It’s National Wine Day! Cue the sound of corks popping from sea to shining sea. At Traveling Vineyard, we love a good wine holiday because it’s a perfect reason to open a bottle of wine, share it with someone who makes you smile, and linger in the small moments a while. So, how will you celebrate? We asked our Wine Guides for their ideas! Do you have your corkscrew ready? Here are 7 ways to celebrate wine today!

  1. Observe it as a bank holiday. Stay home, slide on your bunny slippers, and watch a great wine movie, like Somm or Sideways. Not noon yet? Grab the orange juice and add a little Smirk, Moscatel. It’s a holiday after all.
  2. Sign up for a wine club. There are a lot of wine clubs to choose from out there, but we’re partial to our REWINED wine subscription. Get your fill of favorite reds shipped direct to your door, or how about a mix of reds and whites hand-picked to delight? Each bottle comes with our Sommology codes to help you pair and enjoy with ease. Plus, you can change your subscription each time to suit your needs, and even add on extra bottles!
  3. Okay, so now it’s after noon. If you’ve got a bottle of Tanglerose Backyard Red on hand, it’s time for wine slushies. Wine Guide Michele Johnson shared her favorite recipe: one bottle of Tanglerose, ¼ cup sugar, 3 cups of water, and a tablespoon of lemon juice. Blend with ice and you’re ready to chill.
  4. Want more out of your wine? Sign up to host a tasting with a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide. Wine Guides come to your home and bring five bottles of different wine varietals for you and your guests to taste. At your private tasting, you will also learn some serious wine wisdom that you can share with friends—like how to pair wine with food and the proper way to serve wine. Read the rave reviews.
  5. Speaking of pairing wine with food … Grab a bottle of your favorite Traveling Vineyard wine, turn the bottle around, and check out that Sommology code. It will bring you to some great cheese, small bite, and entrée pairings. Just in time to prepare the perfect wine dinner for your sweetie or your bestie.
  6. Wine for dessert! Once upon a time, a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide served our sweet and lively Fissata over ice cream and applause rang throughout the room. Today, it’s a regular showstopper at tasting events. The (very sweet) end. Your life may never be the same. Give it a try!
  7. So, your belly is full and your bottle is empty—and you did National Wine Day like a true fan. Did you love every moment? Maybe it’s time to become a Wine Guide with Traveling Vineyard. Number 7 on our list is to do just that! Enjoy tasting wine, learning about wine, and sharing wine in a fun social setting—and get paid for it. We invite you to find out more before the day is out!

Cheers to all the wine lovers out there! Be sure to share your pics from National Wine Day on Instagram and Facebook. Tag #travelingvineyard! We can’t wait to see your celebration.


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