One of the questions we get at our events is; why are your shipping costs seemingly expensive? For the uninitiated who haven’t ordered wine on line the cost can come as a surprise sometimes.

We survey all of our guests and host’s every month to make sure that our company’s innovative free wine tasting events never lose their luster.

The facts are – our clients agree with us.

  • 98% were satisfied with the event they attended or hosted
  • 98% said the quality of wine they sampled was excellent, good, or very good
  • 9/10 would recommend attending a TTV tasting event to someone else
  • 95% rated their consultant as excellent or very good on fun and friendly
  • 97% said wines represented an average to very good value
  • 95% said shipping was faster than expected or as expected

However, regarding shipping expense…..In our most recent May, 2012 survey we asked:

How would you rate the shipping fees of the wine?

  • 42% said more expensive than I expected
  • 55%  said average – what I expected
  • 3% said less expensive than I expected

Wine shipments are very heavy

In order to avoid a long blog about shipping expense. Let me break it down. It’s just plain expensive to ship via UPS or FEDEX a box that weighs 35 – 40 pounds, or even a wine bottle that weighs 3 pounds, or a typical purchase of three bottles weighing 10 pounds to a residential address, that requires an adult signature (those are all additional fees charged). Remember to add the fuel surcharges that the carriers have piled on over the last few years. Now compare that with a small party plan purchase of a few pieces of jewelry weighing less than a pound? It’s a very substantial difference. We know our customers can go to the store and buy without shipping expense. But that’s not the point. At a Traveling Vineyard event you get so much more….edutainment, socializing, lots of pairing ideas, amazing wines, and most importantly FUN!

Want to work from home, but not sure how to get started? This inclusive guide has you covered.

We’ve held our shipping fees to the same rates for almost two years. $9.95 is the starting point and our competitors and other internet retailers start at $15.00.

All in all, pretty fair we think.

Update 6/16

We attended an industry shipping conference this month and were astounded that over the past decade the oligopoly of UPS and Fed Ex have been able to increase their shipping rates an astonishing 79.2% for ground services. These figures do not include the infamous dimensional weight pricing changes of 2011 and 2015. All we can say is OUCH! In order to keep our customers happy we have not increased our shipping charges and continue to substantially subsidize these ever increasing shipping fees. Thanks to Luke Kupersmith, CEO of Logistic for the information.

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