Meet Our Wine Guides

What success looks like in real life

Our Wine Guides come from all walks of life. They are stay at home moms, retired teachers, wine hobbyists who just need an outlet, and so much more. They’re part-time, medium-time, full-time, and moonlighting. But no matter where they came from and how they approach the work, they all have a place in our family and our business now thanks to some moment in their life when they had the courage to say yes to becoming a business owner. Their stories make us who we are, so take a read, connect and get inspired. We love our Wine Guides—you will too—no doubt about it. And maybe you’ll find the perfect reason to become one yourself.

Meet our Wine Guides

  • Meet Kirby

    Stay at Home Mom

  • Meet Christi


  • Meet Debbie


  • Meet Joel