Decades of experience in every bottle

When you go to a typical winery vineyard you may look out over their fields and smile, knowing those grapes are in your glass. It’s pretty and romantic—but a bad year may mean no wine at all. Instead of being the typical winery (we’re not good at being put in a box) Traveling Vineyard decided to invent our own way. We have multiple wineries. We have an exclusive lot of vines in California where we meticulously grow and tend our grapes, but we also carefully source and acquire product from all around the globe. What this allows us to do is bring our customers and Wine Guides the very best wines, every time.

Pinky out and Chuck Taylors on

The man with purple feet

Meet Francis

Francis Sanders is not just any Wine Director. He is a man that can pull off Chuck Taylors while he tells the exact location, grape varietal and year of a wine with just a few sips. It’s true. In fact, he was challenged to identify 16 wines in a blind tasting in Italy and won. He’s a grape stomping machine with a heart for brilliant wines—which is exactly what you want in a Wine Director.